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Sunday 22nd December 2013


Christmas has begun. And what could be more Christmassy than sitting down to watch the final episode of Series 3 of Homeland whilst eating a Domino's Mexican Hot Pizza. Nothing could be more Christmassy. I was hoping that the characters in the gritty drama might break off at the end and sing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" to camera, whilst hugging each other and then maybe for a gag a suicide bomber could rush in and shout "Kill the Infidels" before blowing them all up and everyone laughing as they exploded. I hope you won't consider it a spoiler if I reveal this isn't what happened. I will try to discuss the episode without giving too much away, but if you've yet to see it and give a toss then I would advise you to stop reading. Or you'll find out about the atomic bomb that destroys Washington.

That didn't happen either (spoiler alert). But instead it ended (minor spoiler alert) with an act of graffiti, which to be honest, didn't quite match the season 2 finale in terms of drama. But a crime is a crime and who is to say whether damaging a public building with a pen is worse than doing it with a bomb. The pen is mightier than the sword, but we have yet to ascertain where it stands against more modern weaponry.

The wife and I have come late to Homeland and managed to watch all three series in the last month. The general feeling amongst others is that season three (at least to start with) is not as good as the others, though I thought that it was OK. I can't really see them stretching this out to another series without some kind of Sherlock style surprise. So given there is a fourth series then I assume that that is what is going to happen. We will see. Of course, in a sense, Brodie was always going to escape Iran as he had clevery deposited a small amount of his DNA in Carrie's foof. And who knows, he might have cleverly indoctrinated his spermatazoons so that the resulting baby could be a sleeper agent (babies do sleep a lot, so it would be good at this) and kill the US President with cyanide hidden in its rattle or a dirty (nappy) bomb? If the writers want to use that then you're welcome. Whatever the case it's certainly going to be a great fourth series and you definitely shouldn't just stop now whilst you're still slightly ahead.

I also caught up on the BBC drama about the Great Train Robbery and was surprised to see George Osborne playing bent lawyer Field. He's going by the ridiculous pseudonym Del Synnott, but it's definitely him. I hope he is injecting the money earned back into the UK economy and not spending it all on pencils. This could be like the episode of Dave Gorman's show where he put himself up as his own lookalike and ended up being hired to be himself. It's almost worth writing a drama about Osborne so that "Synnott" can come in to play him. Alas I don't think the Tories will ever be held accountable for the money they have stolen, so it probably won't ever get made.

I enjoyed the drama though and it was a neat idea to show it from the perspective of the robbers and the cops, leaving the viewer in the unusual position of hoping the robbers got away with it and that the police caught them. If only they hadn't cracked that driver over the head then we could whole-heartedly celebrate the daring and flawed robbery.

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