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Tuesday 28th July 2020


My daughter lost her second tooth whilst I was out at work. I was sad to miss it but delighted to hear that she wanted to talk to me. It was only because she believes that only I am able to phone up the tooth fairy to give her the news. She’s all about the money.
But even so. I am genuinely excited about another tooth going (the first new tooth is well on its way too) and proud of my daughter too. Which is ridiculous as she’s done nothing really. But I still am. 
For the first time we finished work on time tonight. I am on the drive home right now and the sun is setting to my left and the sky flecked with gold and the cloud tinged with pink. I love a sunset. My favourite thing about beach holidays is watching it whilst I drink a cocktail and watching it again now connects me to those carefree days of the past and hopefully some care free days in the future too. 
Unless I am killed by the sun exploding then it’s a sight that will link me to everyone in the future too. Certainly everyone in the past.
The job I am doing is giving me all the emotions. Mainly joy though. An excellent team of people both on camera and off. It’s a shame that self-isolation rules out an after show drink together, especially tomorrow when the journey will be over.
Everyone is very happy to be at work again, but I think they’d have been a good crew without that sweet incentive of knowing how lucky we all are. I had a good chat with the always positive floor manager about the state of stand up. He’d heard the brief chat I’d had with Adam Buxton about it in a recent podcast. I am no more optimistic about the prospects for comedy clubs than I was, even though there are now some open air gigs (and I am doing something at the Clapham Grand next month, though the audience will all be online I think). Not sure which one I am doing, but it’s only £20 for all three and the money will go towards helping venues, so get on it dudes. 

I managed to keep off Twitter for the whole day too. It’s such a habit that I feared I might accidentally open the app and retweet something without thinking. Futile gesture perhaps and I will be fully back on tomorrow, but hopefully it’s drawn some attention to the issue and made my consider my terrible addiction.

I got home in time to have a drink with my lovely wife and be there to ensure that the tooth fairy had put a pound under the pillow. One pound a tooth. As the use of cash diminishes and dies I wonder how that will affect the tooth fairy. Will she have to start transferring the tooth money into kids’ bank accounts? Will that be as exciting? Maybe she’ll have to start leaving small gifts instead. But they will have to be small and unbreakable if kids are going to lie on them. No one thinks of the tooth fairy in all this, that’s all I am saying.

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