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Monday 7th July 2014


Not quite, but definitely tomorrow. Honestly, unbelievable how much I did and yet how much there still is to do, when there wasn't that much to start with. But tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow. It's this kind of crisis that helped Shakespeare to come up with his best stuff.

I think it's going to be good, but it's hurt so much getting it out there. I can understand why "The 4400" guys just went with the exposition, people explaining their own relationships to people who already knew the relationship and doing scenes which start by explaining loads of exciting stuff that just happened. My next play is going to be all that (there is still some of it in this play, but I hope to eradicate it).

This evening I got to go up the Shard (which only sounds like a euphemism if you have a very strange sex life). Scope were having their summer drinks there and there is unsurprisingly an incredible view of London from the 35th floor. I don't know if I'd be able to live or work in a landmark like this without constantly expecting a hijacked airliner to slam into me, but I was able to take the risk for an hour, though it was never far from my mind. Hopefully if the terrorists were going to strike they'd go after a different building meaning that I would have an excellent view of the whole thing and be able to sell my cameraphone footage to the news. But there were no attacks at all. I can't catch a break here.

Our visit could only be brief as I had a gig at 9. At least that's what I thought. I had only taken the gig on the understanding that I could go on at 9 so that I wouldn't miss the Scope event, but somehow that news had not been relayed to the theatre or the audience, who I discovered had been furiously texting and tweeting me. I hate to be late for gigs and so it felt doubly upsetting that people were annoyed with me when it wasn't even my fault. Some people had traveled for an hour to get there and couldn't wait for me to arrive and had left. That's a bit of a bugger. I got there by 8.30, which was half an hour early from my perspective, but an hour late for the audience, but their spirits remained remarkably high. I dicked around a lot and did some stuff that I probably won't remember. It will be a nice day when I can sit down and have a think about my stand-up show, but it seems to be largely taking care of itself. I hope I can keep the improvisational spirit. There are four or five bits that I am digging into at the moment to find if there's any gold in there. But even when I don't find the gold, the digging is amusing.

Can't wait for tomorrow's entry about my play script being finished. It's going to be great. I might just write it now.

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