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Monday 8th October 2018


Bins out early again and I hoped we might solve the disappearing rubbish mystery, but when I got home just after midnight all the rubbish was still there. I think. I didn’t catalogue it all and then count it all out and count it all in again. Maybe next week. I wonder if the secret services are monitoring me. Maybe something to do with my stone-clearing work.
I am not mental.

Another lovely RHLSTP tonight with two multi-talented but very different writer performers. Alice Lowe gets her darkness out in her work and is a charming and non-murderous person in real life. Her drive is clear just from the fact that she wrote and directed and starred in Revenge when seven months pregnant, putting the whole thing together in a matter of weeks. She creates her own work (as well as appearing in dozens of comedy shows on TV during her career) and seems to enjoy and expect autonomy over her projects and I think that’s pretty much all that any creative person can hope for. I mean fame and money might be nice too. But I have huge admiration and awe for what she has achieved and yet still she remains beneath many people’s radar…. I made a pitch for me to play a man visiting a prostitute in one of her future endeavours, but I am not sure I will get it. I forgot to mention I can also do perverted postmen.
Jess Robinson is also a delight and annoyingly uses talent to enhance her comedy, which I don’t think is fair. Her show is called “No Filter” and when she told me a story about the Chuckle Brothers in the backstage video (which I am not sure we can broadcast even to badgers and dripsters) I could see why. If Alice is dark, then Jess is an fizzling and exploding light (that also enjoys jokes about poo). What I love about comedy is its variety and how everyone has to find their own course, but needs to be smart, inventive and determined to succeed. What I love about the podcast is that you can see this variety in just one night.
Check out Jess’s stuff here. Julie Andrews is the stand out for me.
And Sightseers and Prevenge are great places to start for Alice, but there's loads more stuff, including the short film Mosquito in which I play an arrogant man who uses escorts.
Different guests but they’ve both played Kate Bush though. So there’s common ground.

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