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Wednesday 9th September 2020


Stone Clearing reached its 75th chapter today (76 if you include the Fummertime Fpecial) and I spent a portion of the day working on the Stone Clearing booklet that will be going out to the people who backed the kickstarter at the requisite level. I will attempt to make it good value for money and not just like most cash-in book(let)s, just full of pictures of me in funny hats. To be honest my main problem is condensing all my stone clearing knowledge and insights down into just 16 pages.
Nothing makes me happier in this world than the multiple use of a plastic bag. I hope we can arrive at a point where we don’t have this much plastic in our lives, but whilst we do I think the temporary course of action is to make sure each bag gets used to its maximum and then recycled if possible. I have only really just tuned in to how many plastic bags can be recycled alongside your carrier bags at the supemarket.
I am also pleased to see there are more biodegradable plastic bags now - and am aware these have limitations and can still add plastic to the world, but again it’s a move in the right direction. It’s good to see some supermarkets use biodegradable bags for veg and these are the ones I now try to use to the maximum. So you can put your vegetables in them at the shops and then when the vegetables are home you can use the bags to wrap up opened packets in the fridge and then when those are finished you can use the bags as food caddies (if food is collected at you home or if you compost) or to pick up dog poo (be careful though as they can be thin and have holes in them). Three uses and three lots of packaging saved and then the bag disappears. Plus every time you reuse a plastic bag you are probably saving yourself almost half a pence. And that kind of money adds up.
People in the future might be reading this and thinking, fuck you Herring. That tiny gesture was nowhere near enough to save us. And yes, fair play to you, but I am dead now so swivel on my mouldering dick you motherfuckers. Also I am sorry I didn’t do more.
Also if I am still alive, I didn’t mean that last bit. Please don’t hunt me down and kill me. To be fair it’s going to be a long swim to get to whichever floating village I now live on.
The three use plastic bag is not all we have to do, but if we all did it it would mean we use a third of the plastic that we currently do. Which is some kind of a start.  And even if it doesn’t actually help I still find it deeply satisfying. And that’s all that really matters, right.
Also you can just steal the disposable bags from the fruit and veg aisles if you want and save yourself another half a p a bag. And there’s nothing Ian Waitrose can do about it.

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