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Friday 6th July 2018


Hooray! They’ve bumped the Relativity record forward to November! I have been struggling to get motivated to finish the scripts (though made a little progress yesterday), but cast unavailability has given me another four months to get the thing done (but I will, of course, be leaving it until the last possible moment). I just got my summer back. There’s a bit of light work to do on the Emergency Questions book and a couple of other minor jobs, but basically I am now free to relax! Any sensible person would use this time to get at least some of the work done. But I am not sensible. My whole job is to be an idiot. So here comes the summer!
And hopefully once the summer is over I will want to get back to work. Because right now you can stick this job up your fucking arse. 
This is the problem with being self-employed. Resigning is a lot less satisfying and self-defeating.

So what will I do now I have my life definitively to myself (you know if you ignore my parental duties, as I fully intend to)? It’d be nice to try and do something about that new year’s resolution to read a book a month. Was it really that unambitious a target? And is it sad that I’ve got nowhere near reading an entire book yet this year? I have managed to make that old joke come true, this year at least. I have written more books than I have read. 
This afternoon I did get heavily into tidying up and reordering stuff in the house. Not that you would really notice the difference before and after. I hope I can use the next couple of months to get closer to having everything in its place. 
I also want to cut down on drinking, though tonight I went out to another cheese and wine-tasting in the village. I proved pretty much incapable of telling which wine I liked the best and didn’t feel able to admit that my main aim with wine-drinking is to get drunk. But I liked the cheese. And I did get a bit drunk, so that’s not too bad. And though some cheeses were meant to go better with some wines, I thought all the cheese went well with all the wine. In fact they accidentally brought out two of the cheeses in the wrong order and no one noticed til later. So it’s probably all just a nice way to add some sophistication to people eating curdled milk and getting drunk. For me the best way to tell if a wine was good is to wait until the next day and see what the hangover is like. But I don’t think they let you do that at competitions.
They also do a whiskey tasting night. Which could only be less healthy for me if it was a fags and whiskey night. Living in this village is definitely going to kill me, but I am glad. Who wants to live forever? Certainly no one who lives in the countryside and thus has time to contemplate life.
As it turned out it was hard to judge the hangover as the heat combined with emerging teeth meant my son woke up every 20 minutes and I got about 2 and a half hour’s sleep. But given those circumstances I didn’t feel as bad as I could, so I declare the wine was top rate.
It was a very fun night though and I enjoyed walking through the village in the evening and the back again at night, a little less steadily.

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