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Wednesday 8th August 2018


A happy ending with the dog (hopefully). A dog trainer in the village managed to find it and patiently coax it to safety and someone in the next village has offered to find a home for it (though they have to wait whilst they try to locate that actual owner). It looks like it was a poorly treated animal, probably used by unethical people for hare coursing, hence it’s nervousness and snappiness. The locals are used to this and it’s hard to know whether remarks about the kinds of people who are responsible for such occurrences are prejudice or accurate. Clearly whoever is doing it is pretty much a cunt. So it’s not surprising that the dogs they use are treated badly and without responsibility. I suspect our little visitor was let go when he or she became too skittish or inefficient. I do not expect the owner to turn up.
Is it really that different to Shepherd’s Bush here? Yes. Yes it is. What a stupid question. This is nothing like a man choosing to shit inside your front gate. Unless the dog shit inside our gate. But if it did I haven’t seen it yet.
It’s now almost 13 months since we left London behind. It’s mainly better out here and I am glad we made the move. We still feel like newcomers and lots of our stuff is still in boxes, but this week we’ve having almost the final but of work done and getting some storage spaces sorted, so hopefully by the end of the month we will have got things organised.
Even though it’s more or less a year since we properly moved in, every time I drive past that spot where the dead badger had slowly decomposed last September, I still think of him (or her - sorry, I never thought to stop to sex the corpse [not like that]). I doubt that that badger ever thought about me in its life. I am not sure how far my fame goes in the badger community (though obviously I am very big amongst the Badgers - join us). But I know that that badger hasn’t thought about me for at least 11 months, due to its brain turning to mulch in front of my eyes. Will I ever stop thinking about the badger? How would the badger feel if it knew that a person it had never heard of, was still writing blogs about it on the internet a full 13 moons after its passing? Ambivalent is my guess.
Maybe attitudeless.
I wonder what the longest period time is that someone has thought about an individual badger that they never knew whilst it was alive? I think I might be the winner already. It’s nice to have achieved something. He wasn’t a good husband or father or comedian, but boy did he spend more time than anyone else in history thinking about a specific slowly rotting badger that he had never actually met.
If that badger isn't waiting to thank me when I arrive in Heaven, I will be very cross.

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