My set from the Robin Ince gig at the Bloomsbury as edited for BBC4

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

First appearance on the BBC2 panel show from November 2008

Edinburgh and Beyond 2009

Another Paramount stand up set, recorded in 2008 when I was fit and pretty thin!

Lee and Herring - rude for a reason

1999 Comic Relief appearance. I had serious food poisoning.

Edinburgh and Beyond 2006

Stand up set from Paramount show

Lee and Herring on Gamesmaster

Patrick Moore challenges us to make a film using the software of the mid-90s!

Video interview in York 2008

Jack Cooper interviews.

Stewart Lee interviews Rich and Daniel Kitson

Interview from around 2002 on Resonance FM

Richard invades the Silver Stubilee

Partial clip of Richard storming the stage in a (pre-planned) invasion. August 2010.
The Times best heckle of the year

Lee and Herring at the Lyric Theatre

Another brief reunion gig - from November 2008


My interview on the internet version of Carpool from December 2009

YouTube Heckler video

The much viewed video of a gig wrecked by a drunk.

How Not To Grow Up

Buy my book from Amazon.

Guardian Profile

Most of the stuff I have written for the paper, including my How to Write Comedy series.

Twitter feed

See what I am up to in 140 characters at a time.

Guardian Top 10 Lists 2010

My top ten annoyances of the year. Number 11 is that they didn't print this in the actual paper!

Facebook Fan Page

Another place to keep up to date with what I am up to.

As It Occurs To Me

The place to listen to all the episodes of the groundbreaking internet stand up and sketch show.

A special page for idiots who are interested in numberplates. I don't know why anyone would be. You'd have to be strange to be obsessed with them.
Donate to SCOPE

Donate to SCOPE

Your chance to donate to SCOPE
Where Did It All Go Right

Where Did It All Go Right

The web page of my colleague Andrew Collins. His blog is one of my favourites, but only because it's usually about me and how much he loves me. The fucking idiot.

Collings and Herring Podcast

You can download our weekly podcast here.
Fist Of Fun . net

Fist Of Fun . net

Has got loads of downloads of various TV and radio appearances that can be otherwise hard to find and press and pictures. Actually very impressive.

Go Faster Stripe

Buy Richard Herring and Stewart Lee DVDs via this cheap and excellent website.

Tedstock footage

There is a reasonable quality video of Stew and me doing our stupid stuff at Tedstock on here now. Just click the link