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Monday 26th June 2017

There is a magic money tree. Turns out it only gives money to people who hate humanity. Tough shit nurses.
I tweeted this and got a response from Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols. I wondered if I should tell him I once wrote a play about him (and me). I decided not to. If he read it to the end he might like it, but up until then it’s probably a bit offensive to him. And I wouldn’t want to offend a punk.

Hey! I didn’t have a nap today and I got through two podcasts without even feeling weary. The young, under 50 me is back. Back I tells ya!
I was up with the Lark Voorhies (don’t tell the wife) as my daughter wakes up at 6.40am pretty much every day. But this does at least mean there’s loads of time to get things done. By midday I had done most of my prep work for tonight’s RHLSTP, which meant I could crack on a bit with Everything Happens (For No Reason). I have mapped out episode 2 and some of the series arc. I am hoping that I can get all the episode outlines written this week and that it might then not take me too long to knock up a rough draft of one of them. But it just depends how much I crash and burn. But being so busy means that I do have to try and make the most of every spare half an hour and in a way that makes me a lot more efficient than when I just have one thing to do and endless time in which to complete it (as I am immortal, or such is my belief). It’s a complex idea and it’s not going to be easy to map out the series in the couple of weeks that I have, but I hope I can give an idea of how it’s all going to progress and what the possibilities of it all are. 
Then I was off to the Leicester Square Theatre to talk to David “Nodealisbetterthana” Baddiel and Dan Skinner. After the slightly awkward podcast last week it was good to have a couple of less weird ones, two interesting guests with lots to talk about. David talked about his family and the nature of comedy on Twitter plus a brilliant story about Norris Macwhirter and Dan revealed the extraordinary story of how he ended up on Shooting Stars. I fear his success will give others false hope that insane gestures can lead to a big TV career, but it does at least show that insane gestures can occasionally lead to a big TV career. There was the mild awkwardness of Dan having auditioned for my sitcom and failed to get the part, but we got over it, I think. I showed him why I should have played Emma Kennedy’s Welsh dad in her TV comedy drama and you could see from his face how annoyed he was that my Welsh accent was better than his. We rolled out some old emergency questions and some new ones too and both shows involved some fun comedy improvisations, which is always my favourite thing to do on the podcasts. These two will be out in the last week of July and the first week of August.

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