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Saturday 14th January 2017


Donald Trump get on acting in a way that makes me think he wants to be heavily featured in tomorrow’s topical episode of AIOTM. His thin-skin means he can allow no criticism of him to go uncommented upon and his playground tactic is just to say anyone who thinks he is wrong must be an idiot. If you’re parents of a war hero, a much-loved actress or one of the main figures in the civil rights movement, it doesn’t matter. When John Lewis went to the bathroom he was sent to prison, when Trump goes, Russian prostitutes make a fortune. I am just waiting for Jesus to say something negative about Trump to see what gets tweeted then.

Jesus was over rated as a Messiah. Very rude to money lenders!! Illegitimate too. Sad!!


Luckily that’s three minutes of AIOTM sorted, though I am losing a lot of time to watching events unfold with disbelief and wondering why so many people are unable to tell what's clearly going on here. I mean they're not even trying to hide it. I am totally gobsmacked. Is no one going to stop this? Are we going to dance over the cliff? Looks like it. Let's enjoy the freefall and hope there's a mattress down there. But maybe not one from a hotel room that Trump has been staying in.

I finally got into the zone with writing for shows 5 (why was that do you think? Because the deadline is tomorrow?) and had some fun coming up with some stuff, lovingly parodying the Cat in the Hat Comes Back for a second instalment of Farage in the Garage. There is still some writing to be done in the morning, but basically now I just have one more episode of AIOTM to write and maybe three more sketches and I am done. It’s gone fast. 

At the end of the day we settled down to watch the final episode of the OA. It’s one of those Netflix shows that has got everyone talking, with some people saying it’s amazing and others furious about how bad it is. I have to say I agree with all of them. I found it suspenseful and tedious at the same time. I was both excited  to know what was going on and bored by the languorous way in which the story was being told.I was hoping for an exciting denouement that explained it all, but it was pretty unsatisfying for me, the silly aspects of the drama outweighing the tension and nothing really resolved. I was fascinated to be watching something that was genuinely good and bad at the same time. At times it felt like an intricate piece where a new world had been skilfully created and then there were scenes that just looked completely Beneltoned. I don’t know if the dull and irrelevant stuff about whether the parents had had a note or the long scene in the car where one character tells another all the things that have happened so far in the story, were put in just to aggravate the audience and make us keener to see what was coming up. Going slowly can ramp up the tension and having distractions can sometimes work too. But then you need a really satisfying ending to make up for the frustration you have created. And it felt a bit like they’d just run out of time or money or they hadn’t booked the studios for long enough.

Almost spoilers - And the real hero of the piece isn’t the angels or the people taught the movements, it’s the canteen employee. So what a waste of time it was priming everyone else. If it was me, I’d definitely have killed the whole lot of the moving idiots. That would have been a much better ending.

Interesting that it was at least tangentially about multiverses and the supernatural, though treated in a serious way, even if it wouldn’t take very much to skewer it into an Airplane style parody. I don’t know if I would recommend it. You sort have to watch it for its audacity and once you’ve started it hooks you in and you’ll want to know what’s happening. But ultimate it lets you down on that. Which make the frustrating bits even more frustrating in hindsight. But unlike most TV I don’t think I will forget it in a hurry. It’s cool to have something that you simultaneously love and hate.

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