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Friday 15th October 2021


Struggled through my personal training session today. It was so bad that my trainer actually congratulated me for showing up. The rest of the family have had a cold, but I, with my supposedly compromised immune system, seem to have escaped it so far. But I’ve found exercise very hard all week (and it took me about three days to get over last weekend’s long run). I don’t know if am a little bit ill or just exhausted. With kids there’s no time for recuperation. Just push onwards until you conk out.
I wasn’t really getting very far with the script (I hate lazy Richard Herring from June and July - think where I’d be if he could just have knuckled down for two hours a day back then - why does he always leave it to future me to sort out) and was feeling sick about the news of the attack on Sir David Amess, so I gave up on writing and went to pick the kids up from school and run some chores with them for a couple of hours (I hope me of next week isn’t cross with me for failing to get the work done today - Fuck him, I hate that prick).
 It meant Catie could have some time in bed. She commented that when she’d been really ill when she was 19 she spent a week in bed, but that’s not really a possibility now. So we had to see what could be achieved in two hours.
We did pretty well with our time. We picked up some medication for the cat in Stevenage and then headed to Hitchin to pick up some clothes being mended by a tailor. It turned out that an old suit that had been feasted on by moths had been too badly damaged to be repaired. And then we dashed round the supermarket and my daughter played a prank on me but adding some rice to the trolley that we didn’t need. I like the fact that it wasn’t something that either of us wanted. A less imaginative kid would have added sweets or toys, but my daughter goes for rice. To be fair I didn’t spot it until I unpacked at home, so it was an excellent choice.
I had thought I might do another hour of work when we got back, but that wasn’t going to happen so I gave Catie more chance to recuperate and made the kids dinner (I put a pizza in the oven - though I did add sweet corn so that makes it preparation).  But then one of us needed to walk the dog/make dinner for the grown ups and the other one had to bath the kids and put them to bed, so that was the end of her holiday.
We watched episode 3 of the Squid Games. How long before Netflix starts making this as an actual show rather than a drama? 

Retro RHLSTP is one of my absolute favourites (though I’d forgotten about it until I spotted it on the list) with a very honest and funny Mark Addy. Listen here 

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