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Monday 10th February 2014


From next week I will be hosting a new weekly radio show on a new internet based radio station (I am not sure if I am allowed to announce it properly yet, so I won't), along with my co-host/side-kick/posse Lou Sanders. It's going to be mainly chat (with a few records) and exclusively available by a subscription based app (and they do seem to have a huge raft of comedians doing shows) and they seem to be giving us enormous freedom to do what we like. Beyond the restrictions of UK law there are no limits to it, so it's like The Boat That Rocked without the comedy attempted rapes (or a boat, though we can use the raft I mentioned). Being allowed to swear partly takes away the fun of it, but it was enormously liberating to be able to chat openly without having to check ourselves. It was a different experience than Sunday Brunch, that's for sure.

This afternoon Lou and I headed to the studio to have a practice run. They are foolishly letting me drive the desk (I can't even drive), something I have never been entrusted with before. But Lou has made an "It's our first day" jingle, which proved very useful throughout the afternoon. The first record decided to loop back on itself and play again and occasionally the system flumoxed me. On the screen songs are labelled A B C and D and are in red, green, blue and yellow but the buttons I have to press to play them are labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4 and are also red, green, blue and yellow, but the colours do not correspond to the colours on screen. It's like playing a brain training game on a computer. A=1, B=2, C=3 and D=4 but the colours are irrelevant. I only played the wrong song once though. And we only played the "It's our first day" jingle about 15 times. I fully intend to play it even when it isn't our first day.

I have never worked with Lou before (though she occasionally does a podcast with my wife), but I've always enjoyed her comedy (both on stage and in real life, where she is so committed to her "crazy woman" character that she pretty much method acts it, which is admirable). You never quite know how well things will click in a recorded chat, but it seemed to work pretty well to me.  I think it's going to be fun to be getting back to doing a weekly radio show. I will let you know how to tune in as soon as they've given me that info. The first one goes out on a week on Thursday, so they are going to have to let people know about that pretty soon. But I will keep their deadly secret for now.

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