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Tuesday 10th July 2018


I’ve told you how sad people in the countryside are about their bins. It’s tragic really. If it weren’t for the fact that bins are now my life. 
I particularly like our new food caddy and am obsessive about making sure every scrap of waste food and crumb goes into it. And I also keep trying to perfect the optimal way to organise our other bins. I don’t think I am there yet, but it’s going to be worth the effort when finally I have everything at its most effective.
I keep the food caddy in an outside cupboard, where hopefully it has been protected from the heat recently, but it has to go out on Monday night as the guy who picks up all the decomposing food (I presume to take it back to his lair where he bathes in it, eats what scraps he can find that aren’t rotten and masturbates over the rest) comes very early in the  morning.
Except today he didn’t show up. Or maybe his rotten food wagon was full before he got to us. Our bin was still out at midday and the sun was shining. I lifted the lid to check if it had been emptied, to see the bin already crawling with maggots.
It was actually quite impressive how quickly these little buggers had appeared (the top bag  that they were in had only gone in the bin last night). Is this what the strange food caddy man gets out of his enterprise? Millions of tiny friends to take home to squirm over his naked body?
Could I extract these maggots and sell them to a passing fisherman. I could make tens of pence a year from this enterprise.
Nature is red in tooth and claw, but also sort of yellow and pulsating if you leave nature out in the sun for too long. Which is much more fascinating in some ways. How did these maggots get into this sealed container. Jonathan Creek couldn’t solve this mystery.
As the sun got hotter flies and other winged insects were buzzing around the bin and within less than 24 hours it was surely a health hazard. What do I pay buy council tax for? 

When’s a grown-up going to turn up and take back control? The world has a real Lord of the Flies vibe about it right now and the importance of respecting democratic votes above all else (even if there are doubts about their legality) seems to be in real danger of corrupting or destroying democracy.
If you ever wondered how decent people in the 1930s allowed the world to slide into such horror and evil, then you probably get it now. As inevitable as disaster seems, on people plough and most people are too apathetic or fatigued or confused to try to stop it. We voted for it, so now it has to happen. 
I caught a bit of BBC Parliament with two Tory MPs arguing that people who called for a second referendum just wanted to keep calling referendums until they got the result they want. I don’t want a second referendum, but that’s a bullshit argument (not least because we had already had a referendum about Europe). It’s pretty clear that the first referendum did not consider the complexities of the question and that there was misinformation, obfuscation and possibly law-breaking in the campaigns. No one knew what the consequences of the leave vote would be and it was not addressed in the vote. So to ask for people to give their opinion on what is actually going to happen isn’t a ridiculous option. And if the final result is going to leave us essentially in the EU but with none of the benefits then I can’t really see that anyone on either side is going to be very happy with that. Or to be able to claim that that is what they voted for.
As I say I am not arguing for another vote, I just want us to look at this issue objectively and stop all the bullshit. Fat chance.
But it’s too late now anyway. The harm has been done.  And I feel it likely that we’ll get overtaken by the consequences of that other triumph of democracy pretty soon anyway. 
I wish I’d never studied history because then I wouldn’t be beset with fear about what is pretty likely to happen next. 
Luckily I didn’t study it very hard, so I still have only a tiny understanding of what’s happening.

It’s entertaining to watch though, especially as it all now starts to unravel and reality is hitting home. But only in the way that a fire is entertaining to watch if you’re in the building where it’s happening. I imagine if I lived on Uranus I’d be fucking loving all this. 
But sadly I don’t live on Uranus. 

Still football and tiny footballers being rescued from a cave can distract us

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