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Wednesday 11th April 2018


I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the chances of there never being a nuclear conflict between now and the end of human civilisation (and I suspect it will be very near the end) are very small. We’ve come pretty close through bravado or accident several times in the last 70 years and all it needs is one psychopath in charge of a nuclear power and it could happen. At the moment I estimate at least three psychopaths who are likely to beat the terrorists to exploding one or more of these things.Or just an error or a misunderstanding or a computer malfunction. I’d be amazed if no nuclear bombs go off on the 21st Century. If I am wrong then look me up on Januaryd 1st 2101 and I will send you an apology cheque for £100. Sorry, I can only give you pounds sterling. Even though that clearly won’t be a currency by then.
I don’t think it’s going to happen (by design at least) on this round of mad posturing from small-dicked world leaders, but it’s almost inconceivable that nuclear weapons won’t be used at some point. What a shame. Human beings have done so well in so many ways, but the death wish that presumably somehow helped us through some evolutionary hoops at some point will be our undoing.
I doubt all of us will die in a nuclear was, so it might not be over.
Of course there is a possibility that we’ll manage wipe ourselves out in another way before a nuclear bomb goes off. In which case the joke is on me.
Let’s press on like the environment is fine and over population isn’t a problem and our leaders have our best interests at heart. And like we’re not all going to die in horrific agony.

After weeks of being unable to apply myself to my writing work I’ve had another excellent day on my secret project (which I hope I can talk about pretty soon). Most of the work was organising and collating today, but having done that, I realised I was a lot further forwards than I thought. And the work was really good fun. Sometimes writing feels like such a millstone round your neck that you forget how much fun it is and how lucky you are to be able to do this as a job. But today, I saw the fun again, realised how crazy it was that this particular project was happening at the level that it’s happening and how much I wanted to make it as good as it possibly could be. It’s been hard to get my head round all this because of fatigue and the amount of work that I’ve had on. And I am far from out of the woods (even though, thank God, I essentially have an extra month to write the sitcom because we had to reschedule the recordings due to the work commitments of one of the actors- PHEW!), but with a bit of luck, the family will stay well, we’ll get some sleep at night and I can motor through to June and then take my foot of the gas.
It was the rescheduled gig in Bath tonight and it was great to play the Komedia again, especially as I now own £250’s worth of it (they recently did a crowdfunder thing to raise a huge amount of money and I chipped in, because I love the venue).
And i felt lighter and breezier on stage too, more alert to the performance than I have for a while. I think I’ve just been unwell haven’t I?
Long ride home, but I kept working so it flew by. It’s a big relief to be getting some stuff down and feeling these two projects are achievable (though still a Hell of a long way to go).

RHLSTP with the brilliant and eye-wateringly funny Peter Baynham up today (it’s a week to Blessed - hope humanity lasts that long)

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