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Wednesday 6th November 2019


Getting two scripts close to being ready gave me a false sense of achievement. As I started the process of working on a third today, with only one and a half writing days in this week and the hope of getting it near to first draft, the reality hit. It’s harder than that. I got nowhere. I did work out that once I get through the next two weeks of podcasting I will have a good fortnight of writing time. Which should be enough to get two more scripts done to a first draft level. We will see what I manage.
Maybe I should have used today to finish the second script properly - Instead I recorded two podcasts. 
It’s good to have them in the can, but it’s not going to feed my babies. To be fair, writing a Radio 4 sitcom isn’t going to bring in much more money. Or bring me the eternity of fame that my wall visible from space will do.
Priorities are everything.

Still ploughing through the sitcom How I Met Your Mother for some reason. It’s more a background bit of wall paper as I do other things on the nights my wife is out. I have never watched it before but feel I have to get to the end now to find out How He Met Their Mother. Even though the wikipedia page will tell me. But it’s an interesting half-watch, not only because it’s presumably only a decade since it was made but a lot of the attitudes towards dating seem archaic. Doogie Howser keeps trying to trick women into bed with him - and pretty much always succeeds and yet he’s still basically a sympathetic character. We’re meant to think he’s a bit hollow and tragic but with an underlying bit of heart that excuses his selfishness. But he’s also, by today’s standards, someone who would be cancelled.
It’s not a terrible show and the characters are largely likeable, if a little blank and though it’s attempting to be a very mildly edgier version of Friends, there are some nice ideas in there. But there’s so much of it. And it’s so Noughties. I will let you know how he met their mother so you don’t have to watch it.

On my morning dog walk I listened to my favourite podcast Drunk Women Solving Crime. Sometimes the Drunk Women are not all that drunk. But in this one they are steaming, especially my favourite of the Drunk Women, Catie Wilkins.  The tangents and misunderstandings that follow are comedy gold and in recognition of International Men’s Day they have a whole month of male guests, and the first one, easing us in, the most effeminate of men, James Acaster. Well worth a listen 

And there’s a new RHLSTP out, with Caroline Quentin
Guests for RHLSTP in Sheffield are now confirmed as poet Ian McMillan and comedian Seann Walsh. Book here. 

If you are a supporter of our recent Trump card game campaign that has given us enough to qualify for a t-shirt? Would you mind checking your emails for the kickstarter survey that we sent this week - we need your size/shirt choice.

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