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Thursday 13th February 2020

I went to my second class ever at the gym, this time Body Pump. Sadly it did not turn out to be what I expected from the name, but it was about exercising instead, which made more sense.
The instructor told me that the class was mainly attended by women, but I shouldn’t let that put me off. I’d already noticed and it hadn’t. But perhaps she was telling me in case I assumed I could keep up with the regulars in the class, as they turned out to be a lot stronger than they look. But I am not a macho kind of guy (sorry if that shatters any illusions you’ve built up about me) and I was very happy to start with almost the minimum possible weight to see how I got on. It was mainly a bit too light, but a couple of times I was glad that I hadn’t pushed things any further. I might give it another go. I seem to be more into the idea of group exercise than I used to be. It’s good to use my exercise time more efficiently than I would if left to my own devices.
Drove into London tonight to see a film. If the usual route to Soho is blocked up my sat nav likes to take me via Oxford Street, which it seems to think is never busy. I’d like to tell you sat nav that Oxford St is always busy. It probably took me half an hour to get from Oxford Circus to Tottenham Court Road and even though I’d left in good time, it looked like I might not make it. But worse still I’d forgotten I’d left the heating on and the electric car hadn’t been 100% charged at the start and I had a lot less left in the tank than usual for the return.
It wasn’t that much of a worry. There are plenty of places to charge the car in London and I still had twice as many miles as I needed to get home (did it with 35 to spare, though didn’t have the heating on for most of the journey), but you know, I have to give my dull life some jeopardy when I can.

I enjoyed the way that the Guardian headline for this story made an important discovery seem quite disappointing in comparison.
Have you ever seen a ghost population of ancient humans?

Stone Clearing Chapter 55 is now up here.

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