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Tuesday 15th April 2014


Back to Fubar Towers for this week's radio show with Lou Sanders and guest Alex Zane. For some reason the booth seemed to be a popular place with the ladies who work at Fubar for the middle hour of the show. After two months on this job I think they've all suddenly realised how sexy I am. That can be the only explanation.

They all left again once the second hour was up (coincidentally at the point where Alex went home), but 2 hours of listening to me talk is enough to exhaust any woman sexually. My wife has to go into another room if I even talk for five minutes. That is how powerful my allure is.

The shows have been lots of fun to do, though I am not sure if anyone is listening to them. We mixed things up a bit this week by me bringing in the items for "What's in the Bag?" with Lou having to guess them. Plus there was live juggling and Lou eating some raw vegetables. Obviously as it's an aural medium you won't be able to see any of that stuff, but never mind. The Oxo cubes and vinegar have finally been won and this week there is a chance to get your hands on a DVD and some vampire teeth, so do make sure you listen in or you won't be able to get these amazing prizes.

We are quite a formidable interviewing duo, Lou's technique being to say the interviewee's name in a portentuous manner, hoping that a question occurs to her during this opening gambit. But I am enjoying bickering with her, even if it is in a vaccuum. Tune in. You're missing out on all kinds of stuff that I would never say if I thought anyone was listening.

I have a week off next week because I will be in St Petersburg, but Lou is doing the show with my arch-enemy Ray Peacock. Hopefully it will be such a dynamite combination that I will be sacked from the show. Fingers crossed. I think more likely that their two individual madnesses meeting for 3 hours might destroy them both. Or one of them might ingest the other for double madness. Either way it's going to be dynamite.

Delighted to see on one of the news stories that we covered that someone else is blaming a naughty dog when things go wrong. It's the perfect excuse for every misdemeanour.

Aside from that it was a quiet day. My wife and I went swimming in the morning, but disappointingly the man in my lane seemed as fastidious about obeying the arrows as I am. This makes for a harmonious world, but not for good blogs.

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