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Thursday 19th June 2014


It's a mentally and physically gruelling few weeks for me in which I try to lose my belly and gain a play.  I was up early getting the first 45 pages into shape so I could send to prospective actors and also then write a document that will explain what happens in the rest of the play. Which was hard because I am not entirely sure. But I got something together before breakfast. It was probably the most efficient 90 minutes of work I have done thus far.

I had changed my breakfast based on the advice of my nutritionalist, moving from a fruit filled, milky porridge to one made with water, with no fruit and added Himalyan salt. And a soft boiled egg (not in the porridge). I don't usually add salt to any of my food and wasn't clear how much I should add (this salt is pink by the way, what's that about?) and the porridge was a bit salty. You can make your own jokes about my salty porridge.

After breakfast I wrote my blog before heading into town for another personal training session. It was quite a tough one, but went by quickly. The last one had been painful and time had ticked by very slowly, but this one whizzed by, even though it hurt as much. About half way through we did some quick bursts of running across a room and I felt like I might not be able to carry on, but luckily I was able to. I think I am improving and getting stronger.

The salty porridge plus soft-boiled egg combo got me through the morning to a late lunch at 2 and I was feeling energised and looking forwards to getting on with the writing. I had a ridiculous amount of vegetables for lunch, probably managing about a kilo of green veg throughout the day. But at about 3pm the exertion hit me and I needed a lie down and though I managed a bit of work today, I didn't carry on into the night as I had hoped. I watched the football instead where the right team won, but evenso England were a little unlucky not to come away with a draw. They've played OK, so it's a shame that they have lost both matches, but it's probably best it happens now rather than later. And ridiculously they can still go through if other results go their way (which I can see happening).

I still think that the game would be a lot more entertaining and we'd see a lot more goals if the teams worked together rather than competing. And that would be a better example to the people of the world. If Uruguay and England cooperated rather than worked against each other we could have had over 100 goals, instead of the paltry three we'd seen. And everyone would have gone home feeling happy with themselves.

Anyway, back to work now. I hope there will be better news on the play tomorrow.

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