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Tuesday 2nd April 2024

With a bit of help from youtube I finally got the jetwash working properly (you have to turn on the LCD display pretty much straight away or it doesn't work and you can't vary the intensity of the jet). I got the patio looking better than it had done, but there's still some way to go. It's very dirty and each brick takes a good deal of work to get back to its original orange. But I love it and will do more when I return from holiday. I am going to jetwash everything from now on. Especially myself. 
It's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. If only I had a place I could jetwash my cars then I would be really happy. Should be possibly in the new house. I can do it outside my back gate now if I don't mind blocking traffic and getting run over. Might be worth it. 
A few more jet washes of the patio and the residual dirt should be cleared up enough to mean that the place looks clean. I guess the trick is to do it more than once every seven years.

The kids were on playdates today so I had time to catch up on work, take a few more things over to the new house, put in my dry cleaning and pack for the holiday. 
I had bet five pounds on Tottenham winning 2-1 at the weekend and when they inevitably did (as they always do) I won £40 which I immediately put on them winning 2-1 tonight. I'd also had a few other casual bets - an accumulator on what seemed five certain match wins this week which would see me turn £10 into £30, an accidental £1 bet on Newcastle winning tonight that would net me £2 and I'd also bet on York beating Halifax 3-0 yesterday, as the score had appeared to me in an aphantasiac vision. As unlikely as it seemed, it would have netted me £360. But the match was postponed and the bet seemed to have been cancelled. 
The game was rescheduled for tonight and I couldn't get my app to renew the bet so I searched for a website that would let me and found one that offered much better 60-1 odds on this happening. I accidentally also bet £10 on it being any score other than the low ones which was 44-1 and once the game started realised that my original bet had been reinstated. If York won 3-0 I stood to make about £1400 and if Tottenham won 2-1 I'd get another £360 (though that would go straight on a 2-1 result for the next game, and so on until I had won all the money in the world). I had one game on my accumulator which was surely a reliable win for Wrexham v Doncaster.
The Tottenham game shaped up very nicely 1-1 at half-time and York had not conceded a goal so there was still hope. And if all else failed Newcastle were one up against Everton. York went ahead midway through the second half. Dare I dream? Really all I wanted was a win so that York would almost ensure survival in the National League. 
In the end Tottenham did not score, York conceded a soft goal in the 94th minute, Wrexham lost and Newcastle conceded a late goal too. Far from looking down the barrel of a win that would pay for a big chunk of my holiday I had lost every single bet. And York had just got one point, which is a help, but leaves them in mild peril. 
I shall never gamble again. £2000 snatched from my grasp plus the potential to win all the money on earth. What a con.

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