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Friday 27th June 2014


A good morning's work on "I Killed Rasputin". It's definitely the most prepared one of my Edinburgh plays has been at this stage, but that's not to say that I don't have an awful lot to do. We have another cast member confirmed (just two to go, but we have some leads on those too) - I will release all the names when everything is finalised, but it's looking good. I have been pretty much hoping every day for the last month that I'd have a decent first draft of the whole thing within a couple of days, but hopefully that will be the case by Monday, when rehearsals begin. I think it's going to be an interesting July for me. God knows what will come out at the other end. I think it might be a bumpy ride, but I think we'll have a great team of people trying to mould this brain splurge into a sharp 80 minutes of entertainment. Today I feel happy that I am taking the chance and putting myself through this slightly unpleasant brain-mill. Who knows how I will feel by next week? My hope is that in a week's time my part in the process will be pretty much over and I can concentrate on my stand up show. But there's still an outside chance that I might get roped into performing (though pretty much all actors in the world will have to die for this to become a reality) so I might not be able to set my bird free. I am not sure bird imagery is the best to use at this stage, given what happened to my symbolic pigeon.

And the new tour programme arrived unexpectedly today (I knew it would be coming eventually, but no one had given me a date- lucky I was in). It's looking great (fantastic design work by the brilliant Stephen Newman). Usually I open up the new programme and the first thing I see is a mistake of some kind that we missed in proofing. I am sure there will be some in there, but I couldn't see them today. I will try to get the limited edition programmes for the kind people who donated out as soon as possible, but think I'd better concentrate on writing the shows first. Saturday's gig in an inflatable bowler hat near St Pauls (it's a big bowler hat) will be your first opportunity to pick one up.

So the Edinburgh Fringe starting to feel like a tangible reality now.

I ate some rollmop herring for my dinner tonight. I have never eaten them before, partly because it felt like cannibalism (and because herring communicate by farting I  find them disgusting). But it turns out that rollmop herring are really delicious. I wonder if I am called herring because one of my ancestors felt the same way, only ate herring and smelled of herring and so they called him Herring. Or maybe he just communicated by farting. Either way those attributes seem to have passed down the generations.

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