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Monday 5th February 2018

Very excited about the approaching entry 5555. May have to give up then. But then again 6666 is just on the horizon (in 2021). We’ll see.
A visit to the nurse with my poorly girl first thing in the morning (and what a wonder that in the countryside you can get an appointment within half an hour on a Monday morning), but she’s just got a bug that is going around and will be fine. She’s nicely placid and sleepy and we kept her home from nursery for now.
I did my usual last minute prep for the new series of RHLSTP, and realised just how impressive the range of Kathy Burke’s career has been. I hoped she’d be as cool and down to earth as she appears to be - and it’s a rare and good sign that someone that successful is universally popular - but the more I read about her, the more I became convinced that she might be the greatest living English person.
I got to the theatre early as we were trying out a new system for the mics (it didn’t work and we abandoned it for the second podcast - I mean next week’s podcast) and we have new chairs too. Slowly, so slowly we are turning this into a professional enterprise.
Kathy turned out to be everything I had hoped and more. She talked freely and easily with next week’s guest Adam Kay, about the various medical complications she’s experienced and told a funny story about one of the actors in Lady Windermere’s Fan saying “fanny” instead of “fan”. Which was bound to happen at some point.
Kathy was a little nervous and didn’t want to be filmed, so there will be no backstage interview for her podcast, which will be audio only. But that means we can get it up nice and quick
Luckily both she and Adam were highly entertaining on stage too. Even though I’d had a tough night with the kids, it was nothing as compared to the last series and so I was able to enjoy it and engage a lot more. Even when Adam told medical stories that made me turn green.
It was a capacity crowd (and we’re sold out next week too. It is so much fun when it’s full, so come along to one (or more) if you can. 

Kathy kindly asked me to donate her fee to this worthy cause and do feel free to bung them a few quid and buy a book if you enjoy the podcast 

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