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Thursday 7th January 2021

2021 stone clearing starts with a bang with the Richard Herring stone clearing character getting ever closer to stone based enlightenment plus he gets an email from the sibling of someone who is pretty famous. You don't want to miss this (BUT YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE PREVIOUS 88 CHAPTERS FIRST OR IT WON'T MAKE SENSE) 

An enjoyable chat this morning with one of my favourite stand ups Rich Wilson (He's come a long way since One Foot In the Grave) for his podcast "Insane in the Men Brain". It went up pretty much straight away, so listen here.
Given that I also had to do a share of childcare/homeschooling this didn't leave me long to prep for Twitch of Fun, but maybe that's for the best. I thought it would be a short, first day back episode, but me and the team ended up doing over an hour. Though a good proportion of that was Donkey doing jumps and eeyores.
Or listen wherever you get your podcasts. 25 shows in already. Self-commissioning is great.

I managed a bit of home schooling, Phoebe had to check out the weather and see how it changed in the day and find out some facts about Australia. She said it was boring, but after attempting to explain how humans first reached that continent, I ended up telling her about Pangea and we found lots of maps of that, including an animated one where you could see the land mass drifting apart to its current configuration. We had gone a little off brief, but she was engaged and I felt like an amazing teacher, throwing away the curriculum and teaching the kids the truth. Like the bit in Community where the seize the day teacher tells everyone to get up on their desks, "All your lives you've been told not to stand on the desks! Why?" and then a pupil falls off dramatically.
I am Robin Williams at his most mawkish.
But then I was quite tired and we had a snack and I started to mop the kitchen floor. Both kids were keen to do it and I thought, what better lesson can I teach them than how to mop floors. So I let them do the kitchen, the hallway, the downstairs loo and the snug. Then pretended to my wife that I had done all the housework. I am not sure Robin Williams ever thought of that.
You've been home schooled.
Got offered another acting job this week, which Covid test allowing I should be doing next week. The director/creator told me that my performance in the acting challenge on Taskmaster swung the part for me. Who would believe that? I hope they will be cool with me doing every line in a different regional accent. But it's also interesting how one job leads to another in this way. It means being away from home for a few nights which made me a bit reluctant to do it, but who knows where this job will lead?
I am taking part in a Webinar about The Problem With Men on 27th January (8pm) as part of the Out to Lunch festival. It's free, but you have to book. BOOK HERE

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