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Thursday 7th March 2019


Catie was out working all day again, so I was home house-husbanding (with help from my in-laws). All fair enough. I am happy to be mainly just working on Mondays and to spend time with the kids and my strange breakdown podcasts.
I recorded a Stone Clearing podcast during the early morning dog walk. It was a good one, full of paranoia and chess moves and a weird bit of fencing with the heads of beheaded trees stuck in it, like it was a warning. Sadly that’s the only bit you can hear, as I took my phone out to photograph it. It turned out I had assumed that my EarPods were connected to my phone, but they weren’t, so the whole podcast was just the sound of the inside of my coat pocket with me mumbling in the distance. 
But what kind of art exhibit would it be if I didn’t put it out anyway. So I did. Enjoy it. 
True devotees must listen. Stone clearers will enjoy it. Most people just use it to sleep anyway, so this is probably better. It's going to be a tough one for completists, but they must complete it, lest they lose the title that they so covet.

After taking my daughter to her swimming lesson, I had a bit of time in the afternoon, so thought I would reward the dedicated fans of podcasts with no jokes that stretch an idea over months and years and played my first frame of self-playing snooker for four months. It’s here. And it recorded properly.  After a fashion. It's been difficult to get all the guys in one room at the same time, but I am glad I did. I can't believe we stayed away from the old green board for so long.

After I had got the kids to bed (rather brilliantly and entirely alone, apart from a lot of help from my mother-in-law) I watched a bit of telly. Because Now TV is sponsoring my less experimental podcast I have got free access to it for a bit and I’m glad to say they’ve got some really impressive stuff on there. I am sure there will be sponsors that I wouldn’t personally endorse, but this is actually a pretty decent way to get big TV series and films without having to get the whole Sky kaboodle. And I checked out “The Orville” (although there’s only the second half of the second series on there. I had assumed it would be a quite broad comedy take on Star Trek (which I wasn’t entirely against, as well trod as that root is), but a few ruder bits of subject matter aside it could actually be Star Trek. It’s aiming to be a bit funnier, but only a bit and it’s not parody but homage, exploring the same kind of humanist themes with a lot more sensitivity than I was expecting. And a very strong plot to end the second series on. Worth a look if you haven’t seen it. And now I am going to have to seek out the rest of it.

And of course I started my work on International Women’s Day, but more of that tomorrow I expect. I don’t think there will be much else to write about.

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