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Sunday 7th July 2024

God I hope they fire Southgate when we win the Euros.
If England win the Euros I think everyone who called for Gareth Southgate to be fired, should be fired from their jobs. If they can’t take it, they shouldn’t give it out. They will also prove to have been staggeringly incompetent.
Except for the last five minutes of the Slovakia game, I ahve believed. I still believe. Football fandom is about unquestioning devotion and only bitching when your team has lost. Try supporting York City you bellends. Then you will know suffering.
But the shine has come off of Keir Starmer's Britain as Emma Raducanu crashed to defeat. It was nice whilst it lasted Keir. I guess all politicians are the same after all. Just like idiots say.

To Shrewsbury where I was hoping to enjoy some Pie Pie Pie. I walked around the High Street and got some lunch, but spent most of the afternoon in bed almost falling asleep, but not quite. It's still way less tiring than the podcast tour though.
It felt like a slightly muted Sunday night crowd tonight (though someone told me that the acoustics of the big space at Theatre Seven do tend to eat up the laughs and the people I met afterwards were effusive with praise). Was this the first time I've played the bigger room here? I'm not sure. but the show had sold something like 350 tickets - again a remarkable achievement for a smaller town (by my own modest standards). It's nice to be still moving upwards at this stage of my career, but I have played it cannily by making sure that I was never too popular early on, so that this kind of thing was possible. I have played a blinder!

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