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Thursday 8th November 2018


Buoyed by the extraordinary reaction to Stone Clearing with Richard Herring, I thought it was time to go back to my less mental podcast and record frame 84 of Me1 vs Me2 Snooker. My wife was out,
I can’t lie, it made me feel more alive than I have felt for months. None of the Mes could really remember how the thing worked, but they all remembered the basic concept of snooker and it was a helluva frame involving thrills spills and me stepping on and smashing old framed postcards from an old girlfriend that were littering the floor after having been discovered after the move and then discarded. It doesn’t get much more symbolic than that. But it does give my old girlfriends a sense of huge relief that they didn’t end up with this self-playing snooker idiot.
Be interesting to see what audiophiles make of the sound quality. It’s recorded on to the voice recorder on my phone via EarPods, but surely that’s got to be better than shouting at a computer recording it several feet away.
I would try and do it direct into garageband, but for some reason whilst recognising EarPods as an input, when I try to use them, my voice makes no sound on the programme. My gradual disenchantment with Apple continues. Not that I will ever leave them now. Just continue to give them huge amounts of money for stuff that never quite works with terrible battery life.

And most of my day was spent trying to deal with Apple faults. My new Macbook has a very sticky space bar (not like that) and is only five months old. Apparently this model has suffered from such issues, so I can probably get it repaired for free. But only after I’ve backed it up. I spent the whole morning trying to reconnect by airport backup drive to the internet, actually managing to have it recognised by my computer after two hours, then to drop out of existence again. I realised that despite that brief fluttering back to live, my hard drive had died.
We have got to a very ungrateful place in our lives when we expect the miraculous technology we have only relatively recently acquired to work perfectly at all times. But it was frustrating to waste so much time on this, especially as I was only trying to use the hard drive to back up a piece of expensive equipment that had also gone wrong. 
I don’t know where Ian Apple lives, but if I bump into him, he will be getting a piece of my  mind. 

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