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Saturday 9th January 2021


After looking after the kids in the morning I got a couple of hours to myself and of course spent it jigsawing. And I certainly didn't waste any time. I got the whole sea done. I thought it would be one of the tougher parts, but as the light played on the waves it was relatively easy to work out roughly where things would go based on the colour of the waves and I did it quickly and felt about as much sense of achievement as I did when I finished writing my book. I don't know if it's possible to make a living as a professional jigsawist, but I want to give it a go. Could you a very long Twitch stream. Any pro-jigsawists out there get in touch and let me know how to go about it. Yeah, sure, you’ll keep that little gold mine to yourself I am sure.
Maybe I should just stay being a keen amateur. It’s very relaxing and keeps me away from devices. Let’s see how much my screen time comes down this week.

Phoebe has a birthday party invite this afternoon, but of course it had to be done online. The world adapts quickly and someone who I guess used to do this kind of stuff live had now worked out a way to do it on zoom. To be fair to him, both kids were totally in to what he was doing, but it’s a good job we were on mute for most of the time, as off camera I assume most parents were bitching about the mayhem he was causing. I know at least two of them were anyway. The kids were sent on a treasure hunt round the house to find loo rolls and tooth brushes, which just resulted in unfurling loo rolls and toothbrushes on the floor. Then he asked for remote controls and there was a real danger of mixing up the controls of different appliances in such a way that we’d never be able to turn on anything again. 
It turns out it’s not possible to just wish someone dead.
Then we had to dance with the kids and copy their movements. We had hoped we might get half an hour where we didn’t have to pay too close attention, but it turned out that we were roped in to this.
Like I say, the kids hugely enjoyed the experience and being able to see each other and (when unmuted) shout out hellos. So probably worth the effort of putting back the toothbrushes. And well done to the chirpy party organiser for keeping his business going. 

Good to see the BBC are repeating Objective. This Hitler Moustache episode from 2010 used satire to halt the rise of right wing politics. No need to thank me.

If you like my radio work, you can vote for Relativity here. You can also vote for Taskmaster, though that probably won't need any help.

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