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Saturday 9th March 2019


So obviously after all my work yesterday I got to relax and stay in bed all day long.
Did I fuck? My wife was off to London all day again and I was expected to look after my own children all the live long day.
It wasn’t even International Women’s Day.
Back to being a regular schmo (or schmoo) who can't earn £100,000 in a day. But
We did some colouring, though my daughter thought it would be fun to use felt pens to draw all over her hands and wrists and face, so she looked like she’d had some very ill-advised tattoos. And then she wanted to make fairy cakes, which would have been easy, but her brother woke from his nap just as we started and I got a phone call with my hands thick with a mixture of sugar, flour, butter and eggs. I enjoyed the magic of baking as always and kept my consumption down to a minimum (much easier to do when you realise just how much junk goes into making a cake. (I’m now 9.1kgs down in this diet, which is 20lbs - almost one and a half stone)
After that I was starting to feel a bit exhausted so we watched the new Peter Rabbit film (well they did, I managed to do a bit of catch up blogging) and then had a messy dinner in front of the telly, before getting them in the bath and to bed with relative ease for a man on his own. 
Phoebe was given the box set of Mr Men books for her birthday and she loves them. We’ve been reading at least one a day for a couple of weeks now. They’re a lot of fun, if a little judgmental about certain human frailties. There’s a pinch of anarchy in there which I think is the key to any kids classic. It feels like it should be easy enough to come up with something like this. Mr Men appears, at least to begin with, such a simple idea. 
Of course it’s not though.
Still, wish I’d thought of it.

I had a cracking day in the company of my two best friends. I love to complain about how hard all this is, but I thank God that I am a hands-on dad (apart from the bit where I put on a film to keep them quiet) and get to experience these fascinating creatures develop into humans beings.
If I can use my observations to create a best selling line of adorable kids’ books then that will just be a happy side line. 

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