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Monday 9th April 2018


I woke up in a Premier Inn room that I didn’t have a key card to in the middle of an industrial estate, somewhere near the M3. I popped to a Macdonalds next the hotel and had an egg and bacon McMuffin and a coffee. It’s a long time since I ate a Mcmuffin - in fact I might have been vegetarian last time, so this was the first one I’d had with bacon in it.  It was pretty nasty. Life on the road is desolate.
But I was heading home and on a mission to finish draft one of series two episode one of Relativity. It felt do-able, especially now as I am free of podcasting and my Mondays are my own. 
By about 9.30pm I had a draft that I was happy to send off to the producer. I had one whiskey as I finished the last couple of scenes and another to celebrate. Finishing a draft makes you feel like the king of the world and I managed to repress the sinking feeling that comes from knowing I have to go through the Hell of the creative process three more times in the next three weeks. At least now one is done (sort of) it feels possible to write these. The writing process never changes. The same despair followed by the same triumph in a never-ending parade of false emotions. It’s never as bad or as good as it seems.
But really good to be getting back to grips with the Snell family, whose lives are veering away from the Herring family as I run out of real life stories to steal. 
Anyway suddenly it doesn’t seem impossible that I will get the work that I need to be done by the end of the month (and I think I might have a bit of a reprieve as recording dates may be moved due to cast availability). 

Going to be hitting the remaining tour dates quite hard on social media over the next few weeks, especially the London date on May 4th as it’d be great to have as many people in as possible for the DVD record. Plus if I can sell it out it will be the biggest gig of my career so far (I don’t think we will sell it out). We’ve currently sold 400 of the 900 tickets. So some way to go. But this is a show I am very proud of and it seems to be going down better with fans and newbies than any show I can remember. Plus I won’t be touring next year (for the first time since 2000) and not sure when I will be touring stand up again - so this could be your last chance to see me whilst we’re still part of the EU. But can’t wait for the post-Brexit gigs where I will finally be free of red tape and be able to say whatever I like. Anyway tickets for London are here.
This week I am in Bath, Milton Keynes, Corsham and Salford - all selling well so worth booking ahead - details of these and all the remaining gigs are here.

There are still a few tickets for the 7pm show in Liverpool on 10th May. But we’ve added an extra show at 9.30 too.

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