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Sunday 9th June 2019


We’ve had a couple days in a row of both our kids sleeping in til 6.30am without really waking up in the night. It’s been impossibly luxurious to lie in that long and catch up on sleep a tiny bit, but even so, today we were both knackered. The Park Run stiffness was not as bad as last week, but after a morning of playing with the kids I felt like I’d been in a boxing match and we now had a 2 year old’s birthday party to get to.
Somehow a change was almost as good as a rest and even though I was to spend the next two hours chasing around after my son in a big garden, I didn’t feel quite as bad as I did before we left. There was so much danger to keep him away from, but somehow I managed to get him out of there pretty much unscathed. Though I did enjoy watching the birthday boy pushing Ernie in a little toy car and them having a snail’s pace car crash into a bush. Also Ernie was a stunt man when I was pushing him and kept opening the car door and walking away from the moving vehicle.
He’s a lovely boy, even lovelier when he is asleep and even lovelier still when I am asleep. The only plus was I knew that he would get as tired as me by night time and we should get another great night’s sleep. It’s all I live for now. The times when I can leave life behind and enjoy the free entertainment provided by my sozzled subconscious. 
I had fun and I ate a second lunch from the barbecue and drank ginger beer. I love hanging out with this little idiot. 
My daughter is already independent enough at 4 to be able to look after herself. Though it’s lovely to overhear the conversations that four year olds have. I am going to miss all this, aren’t I? It only happened yesterday and I still miss it. You forget the aching limbs and headaches and just remember the little fool running away from you in the sunshine.

It was cold enough tonight to light a fire tonight, which is pretty impressive for June and we sat and watched Years and Years because the real news isn’t depressing enough. But I am not sure I really like any of the characters so I am happy to see them suffer. Sadly I think the reality might end up being worse. 

Great news for all you Kents who live near to Canterbury, the guests for RHLSTP on 17th July are Vic Reeves and Shaun Williamson (Barry from Eastenders). That’s got to be worth a trip into town. Tickets here. 

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