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Monday 14th September 2020


Not bad. 6500 consecutive entries. Just ten more years of this and it will be over 10,000. I can do it. I’ve got this far. I just have to not get too ill to write an entry/die. 

"Looks like my youngest is going grouse shooting with his friends for his 3rd birthday. Thanks Tories!” I tweeted out of genuine frustration that Ernie’s birthday next month can have two guests outside of our core unit of four. It was not the most original of responses to the news that grouse shooters did not have to obey the Rule of Six (nor would be pointing out that the people making the laws are not respecting laws themselves), but I guess the age of the birthday party made it a nice mental image. Sure, it would be dangerous, but worth the risk to give my son a party that he would forget in a matter of months. Even if several of his playmates were killed.
The Guardian liked the joke enough to include it in an article on the subject  but not enough to give me a credit beyond being "a parent”. That’s showbiz, I guess. But it galls to be so overlooked when I manage to come up with so few jokes. Even if everyone did the same joke.
None of us want another lockdown of course and some people don’t want it so badly they are just prepared to believe that it is not required and is just some kind of unspecified scam. But for what purpose. Governments are realising they can do what they want without any real attempt at subterfuge, just change their mind about a Brexit deal and claim that the thing that they said was brilliant before is now no good. They don’t have to hide behind a hoax pandemic.
I’m upset that my son can’t have a party or that it is likely impossible to see my parents this year except  on FaceTime calls so that means our children will only see the tops of their grandparents’ heads. But as bad as the fallout will be, the alternative is worse. It’s super depressing. It’s going to be psychologically devastating for many. The taste of freedom is worse than none at all.
Meanwhile the government continues its tentative steps towards overthrowing democracy. I don’t know why it doesn’t just rip the bandage off and go full fascist now. It’s clear that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop this. It turns out only decency and shame have prevented this kind of thing before, and now we’ve got people in charge who have none of that and so can just do what they want. I always though there would be something I would have tried to do if faced with the kind of choices the people of the 1930s had. But no. Turns out I’ve got nothing, but sitting back and hoping the blowback misses me. Sorry the future.
I did more than most though. I put all those stones in that fucking ditch. 
Speaking of which, I spent most of the day writing my 16 page guide to stone clearing, which will be winging its way to kickstarter backers in a few weeks. And I completed frame 108 of Me1 vs Me2 Snooker - committing murder in the process. It’s a record breaking frame for many reasons

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