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Thursday 15th October 2020


Quite a day today.
The decision to live stream the last few minutes of the ebay auction was a good one, as it was action packed, starting at £985 and rocketing up to an amazing £2000 for Refuge. Thanks to Jersey Iron for his persistence in seeing off all comers and this extraordinary generosity. But I think it’s a sound investment. The Grayson Perry doodle alone should give it some future value.
The rest of the time I was working on Twitch of Fun, putting most of my energy into an exciting new character that has been gifted to me, unsolicited, that is not only intricate and beautifully made, but also very apt. I wanted to do justice to the work that had gone into it. Thanks to the amazing Richard Ison and his partner Georgina for this work and extraordinary generosity.
I know the Universe is waiting to pull the rug from under my feet, but these two examples of the kindness of strangers are utterly heartwarming.
The papers were a bit low on good news stories so I was lucky that I got a visit from the Victorian ghost and that Cocky Carrot has somehow rallied and was back to his old self (looking fitter and bigger than ever). Ally wasn’t quite his usual self but was perhaps intimidated by his new rival and the professionalism of his construction. You can watch here or wait for the podcast/YouTube version.
After that I did my third Twitch of the day with a watch along of episode one of Taskmaster. It was a lot of fun to watch this back, though nothing will beat the feeling of that first day of recording back in July, the first time out of my locality in months, filled with the most cathartic laughter and tears that I’ve ever experienced. It seems that the audience at home got this too - it’s a ridiculously funny episode with so many highlights. I think I was a bit robbed in the vanishing task where I was clearly second and the teddy bear task where I spilled the least liquid, but then Daisy came so close to getting five points in the egg task that I think she was unlucky too.
And if you want to watch me getting tiddly at the same time then you can watch my watch along here.
And if you want to watch with younger viewers, the family friendly version is on E4 on Sunday. 
I feel very fortunate indeed to have been part of this show and the reviews all seem to agree that it is the TV show that the country needs right now.

A few additions to the RHLSTP guest line-ups and hopefully (Covid allowing) a couple of live shows too. Check out the schedule here.

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