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Wednesday 24th June 2020


I have seen the future and it’s quite vague, but looks like it might or might not be OK.
I had a remote Tarot Card reading today. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone (any more) crazy - it was for a thing (I will let you know more when I can) and I had to do something out of character. So I had my tarot cards read by a very nice lady online. She knew I was sceptical, but I was keen not to take the piss and to enter into it with an open mind. Very early on she said that sometimes it felt like my job was going round in circles, so I knew pretty early on that she knew what she was talking about. I literally do that. Round the Stocean, round the snooker board.
She also told me that emotionally I wasn’t in with both feet in my relationship. Don’t tell my wife about that. Or indeed about the fact that I was told that I have to be in control of everything. My wife will just laugh at that one though, because she is in charge and she knows it.
I asked about work and was told that although things were a bit stressful at the moment - which is TRUE and no one could have guessed that - that in a month or so I will reach a point where I have to make a decision. She said because I am logical that I will want to use my head to make the choice, but that maybe I should use my heart. Or maybe it was that I should use my head. It’s hard to remember. But whatever, it was nice to talk to someone about how things were going, even if they were making guesses/magic cards to tell me. There were some good hits and some misses (my wife did wake me up for snoring in the night and at that point I was considering divorce, so maybe the lady knows more about my emotions than I do - what if she’s planted the seed of doubt that destroys us?)
It was a fun fifteen minutes and I can see why someone who really believed and wanted it to be true would be convinced that it had. And to be fair I should finish my book in the next month and then things should be much less busy.
I didn’t tell the lady what project the reading was for, but presumably she knows anyway. I asked her how it would go and she said that she thought I would be happy with it, but that I might not come out on top. Well we’ll see.

It was a very hot day and night, but had fun chatting to Nathan Caton in the sweat box of my attic. You can watch now  or wait a couple of months until the podcast comes out

Another remote RHLSTP - this time with Robert Webb - is now up

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