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Thursday 4th October 2018


Publication day! My new book is out in the wild and ready to be hunted down. But will it be hunted, or allowed to sit on the shelves and grow fat and complacent knowing it is safe from predators?Only to be then taken out the back by the bookshop owners, shot and incinerated.
Some people have bought it. I know because they sent me photos of it and them and I now have a regular rogues gallery of future and possible present serial killers on my twitter feed. It’d be nice if my books were being bought by sexy teenagers and cool twenty-somethings. But all evidence suggests that it is people like me, only slightly nerdier and better at IT and removing the skin from a human corpse.
But serial killers need books too. And all the time they’re reading, they’re not killing, so I am providing a valuable service to the community.
The book hovered around the 200 mark on the Amazon chart all day. I think that’s probably OK. A lot of books are released on October 4th - it’s a publishing thing - so my head is, if not totally above water, enough that I can occasionally get one nostril above the waves and stay alive.
Like all authors I obsessively refreshed the page to see how things were going. Our gofasterstripe sales were going well and I think if those were added in to the chart we’d easily be in the top 100.
And if you took out the books that cost less than a fiver, then I think I’d be pretty pleased with where I ended up.
If you got the book and liked it, then tweet me a photo of you holding it and I will RT it or leave a review on the Amazon page or just recommend it to friends (or buy it for them as a present). It still works as a fun game for people who have no idea who I am or what podcasts are, though they probably need to have an understanding of language.

More importantly I managed to finally get a bit of work done on Relativity (which we’re recording in just over a month). Of course I have had the whole summer to think about this and to at least do the re-writes on the first two episodes, which are not too far away from being ready. BUT I HAVEN’T because I am me. It will be a horrible and painful last minute panic as I attempt to find the time to do it in a suddenly packed schedule. 
But at least I wrote some stuff and got close to getting through to the end of episode 1 in a form that we can probably record. And episode 2 doesn’t need much work. So with a bit of luck I can finish the first two in the next few days and then take a week each over the other two. Which should mean they’re ready in time. We’ll see.
I mean I will have to have something, so they will be ready in time. Be nice if they’re good too though, right?

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