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Tuesday 7th May 2019


Woo hoo! This morning my BMI was 29.9! I am no longer obese. I am now simply overweight! Take that motherfuckers! (Only applies before breakfast-post breakfast weight is obese again). I am now down to 86.5kg which is 13.1kg lost in 127 days (so very slightly over 100g lost a day. I am still 14.5kg away from losing my overweight tag (so 145 more days!). But I am not really thinking about that. I initially thought I’d be happy to get down to 87kg, but had an unofficial target of getting to and staying at 83kg. And that’s only 35 days away according to my 100grams a day habit.
And I guess I can only stop calling myself obese (which I do all the time) if I am never at 30 or over on my BMI whatever time of day I weigh myself.

My wife and I went to see the Avengers film tonight- I’m a bit sick of stupid superhero movies, but had enjoyed the previous instalment and was interested to see how it panned out and why people were raving about it and crying at it. We went to the cinema in Welwyn Garden City and I booked ahead because I’ve heard this is a popular film, but hardly any seats had been sold.
When we got to the cinema, just as the adverts started, we discovered we were actually the only people in the whole place. I expected other people to turn up, especially as the website had shown a few sold seats at the back, but no on did. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a big screen cinema in the evening time and been one of the two only customers. I know there was football on, but it looked like being a dead rubber and surely there are people like me and my wife who aren’t too fussed about that kind of stuff. Has the bubble burst on the Avengers? Or is it just in Welwyn Garden City which has fewer young people in it that fictional Hamelin.
Anyway that was quite a treat as it meant we could chat through the movie and ask questions about what was going on and express surprise at some of the more confusing plot twists. We are not the biggest fans of the franchise and we didn’t know who some of the characters were - though that hadn’t mattered too much in Infinity War.
Spoilers may follow so bow out now if you don’t want to know what happens in this stupid children’s film with flying horses in it.
I think I liked the previous film because it was bold enough to kill off loads of characters, but it became clear pretty early on that that was going to be reversible. And so inevitably would be. And sure, there were still some other bold decisions about the fates of major characters, but ultimately I found myself questioning why I was dedicating three hours of my life to this and missing an amazing football match (that I wouldn’t have watched anyway) and wondering why so many films are now just video games that you aren’t even playing.
The fault was with me, not the film. Or at least with me being at this film. The time passed pretty quickly and there were some good bits and an attempt to make the time travel stuff make sense, whilst still failing to make it make sense. But it’s a better film if you watch it in a huge cinema and imagine that all the other people have turned into dust leaving just you behind.

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