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Friday 7th June 2019


I was delighted to discover that I am the most wikipedia searched person associated with Pocklington. Take that William Wilberforce and Ade Edmondson (although maybe you have to be born there to count). Glad that I have made some kind of mark on the town of my birth (or at least where my parents were living when I was born). You’re welcome Pocklington. Where’s my fucking statue?

I’ve been working hard again - I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But I have a lot of RHLSTPs to find guests for and have already managed to make some rather extraordinary bookings. You can check out the latest newsletter to find out who (and there’s more where that came from). The Canterbury gig is looking particularly phenomenal (whatever or Whoever the final line up)

I have also been doing the work on a cool kid reward that I’ve come up for our next kickstarter campaign, which will help us pay for the filming of the shows for the rest of 2019. We’re some way away from launching this, but this particular reward takes a fair amount of preparation and it’d be nice to have it ready to show off when we launch (whenever that might be). As always we aim to make everything high quality and my part in it is by no means the hardest, but has still taken me a couple of days of solid work.
So I had a bit of a nightmare five minutes when I was looking after the kids this evening. I had done 90% of the work on the project but was idly working on another idea for it when they were watching TV. I shut my laptop and went to check on the dinner - I can’t have been out of the room for more than three minutes. When I came back and looked at my laptop (which was still closed on the seat where I’d left it), I found the screen settings were all screwed up and the bar along the bottom with my icons on it had disappeared. Also the only word document now open on the desktop was one that I did not recognise. It was basically empty but had been set up as if to give notes down the side, but the only note was something that looked a little bit like one line of the 5 page document I had been working on.
Even though this document had been open for almost a week (as I did some work on it on my return from Wakefield), I realised I had at no point saved any of this work. If it was gone, it was gone. And if they kids had closed the document they might easily have clicked not to save changes.  kept searching for other documents, closed everything that was open to see if my document was lurking benenath, worked out (after quite some time) how to restore my settings and yet this was the only document. I pressed undo a few times, but it just made the document ever blanker and blanker.
I was beginning to fear the worst. I couldn’t be sure which kid had done this, though Phoebe insisted she’d not touched anything and Ernie is generally the one who makes a bee-line for the laptop. But did this 20 month old child have the wherewithal to cause this chaos so quickly and efficiently and then close the laptop as if nothing had happened. 
After 20 undos and reaching a blank document I assumed that I would have to do all the time consuming work again, but with one extra undo, suddenly everything was back. I saved it fast and thanked my lucky stars and cursed my unlucky ones. These kids are OK, but Jesus, it’s not worth having them if they’re going to do stuff like this.
And none of this is my fault for being the kind of idiot who doesn’t even save a document every now and then.

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