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Wednesday 9th May 2018

Wednesday 9th May 2018


Absent-mindedly drank my own and my wife’s berocca this morning. I am either going to die from vitamin overdose or become a superhero. The things I will do to save the planet with my orange wee.
I can’t believe I drank them both and don’t remember doing it, but that’s parental tiredness for you. My only hope is that my wife absent-mindedly drank hers and didn’t remember. But then she had another one. Would I rather lose her to vitamin overdose or myself?
It’s a tough call. I love her. But I am me.

Both impressed and mildly terrified of the art work my daughter has created using one of my tour programmes. There’s an intriguing precision to it and it’s reminiscent of something by Francis Bacon. Or a serial killer. Hopefully she just happened to be using a red pen rather than it being a threat.

I’m thinking of asking Madame Tussauds if they’d like me to go in and pretend to be my own waxwork. I am not famous enough for them to outlay the money on a  real one, but they might like to have me in for free?
Can they kick you out if you just stand in there really still? Maybe with a little sign saying who you are? Might give it a go.

Got another email for Diana from Bethea today. She seems to have got over the whole Phoenix Pendant embarrassment - presumably she just gave it to the friend who was insisting on taking it.
Here’s what Bethea had to say to Diana today

Diana, let's look to the future and more specifically, your future from May 14 - May 20! Because everything can change for you for the better! ...I am at your side to bring you great opportunities in your life. 

I replied
As I have already told you Bethea. I am not Diana. I don’t know how you got my email address. But I am losing faith in you as a psychic if you are unable even to tell when someone’s email address is wrong.

Please try to track down the real Diana. I feel sorry for her, 43 years old and unable to accept your wisdom, due to the fact that you have the wrong email address for her.

Any hints for how my week is going to go?


Bit of a cheeky one to see if I could get some free prophecies. But she’s bad at replying to her email so I doubt she has much time to find answers in the stars for me.

A gig to 230 or so in Bury St Edmunds tonight. I was hoping not to ad lib anything brilliant as it’d be too late to get it on the DVD, but god damn me, I found a couple of improvements. There was some fun when the penguins didn’t go round the Penguin Race as they should, one falling over backwards before being righted by the others and the one falling sideways and blocking the other two so they looked like they were caught up in an orgy or a penguin centipede.
The front of the stage also came a bit loose and looked in danger of mildly crushing the front row. I asked the theatre staff if they  wanted to come and fix it, but no one came. I got permission from the front row that they agreed I should finish the show in the event of their death.

RHLSTP with Sophie Willan can be seen on video here

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