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Monday 5th November 2018
Monday 5th November 2018
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Monday 5th November 2018


I have found some beasts of stones out on the fields over the last 2 months, but failed to document most of them - and the biggest, in the early days, I just tossed into the bracken, assuming stones the size of a child’s head would be an every day occurrence.
Today though I had the pleasure of discovering a wonderful iceberg stone. It looked a regular size when I stooped to conquer, but I had to scrabble away at it to get it out and it was a monster. Like a fisherman with a prize fish I took a photo. Admittedly it’s closer to the camera than me. But it was massive. Look at my happy face. I am clearly not insane.

Another day of RHLSTPing though I also recorded another podcast with my guests Lucy and Jenny from the Fingers on the Buzzers podcast. We talk about Pointless and Mastermind obviously, but also I chat about House of Games, which airs next week (this podcast interview will be out on 21st December).  I hope you’re as excited as I am to find out how I got on. I genuinely don’t recall. Quizzes aren’t that important to me.

It was a fun record tonight, livened up by the fact the Joe Lycett had been doing press for The Great British Sewing Bee all day and had then been out drinking with one of the judges, Esme, a 69-year-old sewing expert and then brought her along to see the show. She was garrulous and eccentric backstage, but also charming and interesting, telling me how she’d performed at the Leicester Square Theatre in the early 80s in an amazing show involving artists and Glen Matlock. Her niece is a stand up comedian that I know well and Esme told me that she would be heckling.
I think the drink knocked her out for a bit, but she woke up in the last 15 minutes of Joe’s podcast and was a wonderful disruptive force and became the undoubted star of the show.
Before that it had been interesting talking to Joe about pranks and professional jealousy and which of my podcasts were the worst ones (he’s a big fan).
And it was great to indulge my love of quiz shows by talking to two people who know all about them. Though we all missed Esme who was hopefully in an uber home by this stage, though who knows what adventures she got up to?

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