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Wednesday 16th January 2019


What if we Remain, but invest the money we were going to waste leaving on all the areas that voted Leave?
Or we vote Leave, but everyone who voted Remain can have an EU passport?
I reckon we can find a compromise that will reflect the closeness of the vote. Theresa May doesn’t seem to agree. 
Ultimately I think we should just make the Queen decide what we’re going to do. At this stage we just want it to be sorted. Though there’s a big part of me that wants a No Deal Brexit, because I am dieting this year and that should really help me defeat the April plateau. No food and no medicine is actually brilliant for dieters.
Things are going well with the diet - today I was so busy that I didn’t have a chance to buy any lunch so only ate a banana between 7.30am and 5.30pm. Obviously we should enjoy those bananas while we have them. But again I console myself with the fact that at least the bananas that we won’t have in April will be bendy. Or was it straight. I can’t remember why we were annoyed about bananas. I just know whatever the annoyance was, it swung things.

I’d managed to  it so that I got to do four meetings in the same afternoon, which more than justified my drive into London (though it was worth the trip just to listen to Adam Buxton’s excellent interview with Michael Scott Moore about being held hostage by pirates - Buxton can do the silly stuff and the serious stuff equally well. He’s easily the best podcast interviewer around). We hammered out the problems with the script I am writing and then discussed the upcoming tour of RHLSTP - we should be able to announce all the dates in the next couple of weeks, discussed a last minute bit of corporate work that I am doing tomorrow and then I spoke to my manager about other possibilities being opened up by the podcast success. Might all his years of hoping I’d do something that would make him proper money finally be paying off?
It feels like 2019 would be a brilliant year for me, if only parliament wasn’t insistent on plunging us into the post-Apocalypse (but if they can do that without actually having an Apocalypse then you have to take your hats off to them a little: In many ways the Apocalypse is the worst bit and learning to live in a radioactive world without food and medicine is relatively easy.
There’s this general feeling amongst the British that everything will turn out all right. I am starting to seriously feel like that is not the case this time. Will anyone save us from ourselves? Doesn’t look like it.

RHLSTP with Rick Edwards is now up on video here

And my guest for the Wolverhampton RHLSTP on 1st February will be local boy and author of the Boy With the Topknot, Sathnam Sanghera - It’s selling well (for me in Wolverhampton) So book now. 

And I will be announcing another raft of guests for the London RHLSTPs  on Friday morning. Dripsters and Badgers have the info already of course. Because they are better than you. But you could be one of them if you so chose.

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