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Wednesday 6th June 2018


When I moved to the country I was a bit worried that it’d all be just full of people worried about their bin collections. But, prejudice is a terrible thing, it turns out that, actually, bins are really important.
They’ve got a new system going where we are and first of all they didn’t empty the new food bins and then they didn’t pick our recycling bins collected for a fortnight. I was furious. The system is in chaos. What do I pay my rates for?
Who am I kidding? I’ve been obsessed with bins for years. You just notice it more in the countryside cos there’s so little else going on.
At the gym two days in a row? Who is this super fit guy. That must be what all the staff there are thinking. And they must have been equally impressed with my 10 minute swimming session with hardly any rest.
To be fair I could have gone on but I was annoyed about the other pool users. Half the pool was taken up with some old people doing aquarobics (and I hit the realisation that some of those old people might be younger than me) and so there was limited lane space. But it was made even more limited by two women in their sixties (OLDER than me - though I am just guessing their age and I still think I am 25) walking up and down, side by side and chatting. Fair enough, it was a free swim and walking is allowed, even though swimming is the more conventional way to get about, but they could see the swimmers were struggling to get round them (or they could have done had they looked or cared) and could equally have walked in the same lane and still managed to chat.
Baby boomers don’t care about anyone but themselves. They have destroyed us and they’re still not satisfied. They have to disrupt a casual swim too.
With child care once again in place, Catie and me had a lunchtime at the shops in Welwyn Garden City. I bought some new pants. I don’t know why because I work on a strict system of not wearing new pants until the old ones are hanging off and unable to cope with the hefty load of my genitalia any more. Amazingly most of my pants have somehow coped with the load for over a decade without significant wearing. Which just shows how good those pants are. But I have some new pants to sit in the drawer with the worker pants and to wonder if they will get a chance to be worn before I die.
It’s so good to have some time where I am not working (though I am still meant to be) and to have some non-parent time with my wife (even if I am just buying pants). If we’re as good as getting organised as we are at talking about getting organised then the future looks bright.
The house continues to threaten us, and especially Ernie for some reason. Having survived the carbon monoxide leaks near his bedroom, tonight I noticed a not insignificant crack in the plaster able his cot. We’re having some work done in a guest bathroom above and presumably this is what has caused the shifting in the old walls and ceilings of our house. But although I was pretty certain he was safe, I didn’t fancy a big bit of plaster falling on him as he slept so we moved him into our room. 

RHLSTP returns on September 24th and I very excited to announce that one of my guests on the first show will be one my favourite writers Jonathan Ames, who is coming over from America (I want to say especially). He is going to be an amazing guest. Here’s where I first wrote about him in my blog way back when.
I don't think I have been more excited to be meeting a guest than this one and that's saying something.

I am sure all the shows will have fantastic guests, so worth booking ahead for them all, but the first one is already 25% sold out, so act fast,

Final RHLSTP of series 13 (but a couple of audio specials from festivals still to come) up on video
and audio 

Both audio and video also available via iTunes. Thanks for all the support over this series. I think it's been the best one. But let's make 14 even better!

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