If you want to contact Richard please e mail him at herring1967@googlemail.com

Please check the FAQ section of this website first though to see if your query is covered there. If it is then Rich will only send you an email directing you to the answer there.

If you wish to book him to perform one of his shows please contact the Avalon Live department on UK 020 7598 7333

or email qsalam@avalonuk.com

If you have a PR or interview request then please contact DLloyd@avalonuk.com

If you wish to enquire about foreign rights to perform one of his stand-up shows, or rights to put on one of his plays then please contact Jon Thoday at Avalon
JonT@avalonuk.com - UK 020 7598 8000, or via the address above.

If you need to post anything then you can do so via

Avalon Live
4a Exmoor St
W10 6BD

But bear in mind I won't be opening the packages so please don't send bombs and anthrax there