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Thursday 30th March 2023


Twitch of Fun made a tired and shaky return (by me at least, Ally seemed on good form). I had got the kids to bed beforehand, but Phoebe had wind of what was going on and showed up with a new idea. She’d made Fluffy Rabbit a bow tie and was saying she was a new, mature character. Once again, it’s immediately better than anything I’ve come up with. She’s a natural. I started this in my fifties - imagine how good she’ll get with a lifetime’s practice. Again she’s a natural already and got in some good swipes at her tired and still too ill to do this dad.
Most of the day had gone on prep for the show (and that is just finding the news stories and loading up the pictures - the crazy songs that Ally came up with all came off the top of his papier mache head. It felt like a slot news day, but I failed to load one story up about why Fergie was finding looking after the Queen’s corgis with Andrew to be a nightmare… which might have been fun.
I had to give Catie a lift to the station in the afternoon as she was Drunk Womaning in town. After I’d dropped her off I chose this moment to try and reset my car’s computer (which still had the VW salesman as the man user limiting what I was able to do). As I reset factory settings I thought that this was probably a dumb thing to do. What if it didn’t work properly and the car became immobile? As it happened the computer didn’t reboot properly and couldn’t get to the login page, but luckily it still functioned as a car. But I drove home wondering if I’d broken the best thing about my space ship. I emailed the man from VW and he said to try again in the morning as he thought it might be a problem with VW Connect and not my car, but added "If this carries on over the weekend please let me know and I will either poo in on my way home to have a look or get you booked in.
I replied and asked him not to poo in my car.
I enjoyed that as obviously I found his typo funny, but he has a proper job so he had to apologise for it.
He was right (not about the poo) as the connection worked on Friday so I haven't broken my nice new thing (yet).

I didn’t really enjoy Twitch of Fun too much as I was a bit too tired and out of it, but you might enjoy it. Ally did some very inventive songs. And Phoebe came back for moire halfway through. I feel I will be edged out soon enough.
Then I watched the first in the new series of Taskmaster. My reign as Champion of Champions continues for a little while, but after this series they can do the next one. But at least that’s one step closer to Champion of Champions of Champions. Thought this was a very promising line-up too and some big laughs in episode one. Mae Martin is going to be tough to beat I think.

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