The misadventures of an immature man in an adult world

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When my dad turned 40, he had been married for 17 years, had 3 children, wore a suit and tie every day and had proper grown up hobbies like gardening, golf and making elderflower wine. At the same age, I tend to put money in the bank, take it out of the cash machine, and spend it on booze and sweets.

Richard Herring has a major problem. He's about to turn 40 and hasn't seen it coming. He's not married, doesn't have a proper job or 2.4 children. But now, finally, it looks as if the world expects him to be a grown up - and he's completely unprepared for it.

As the momentous and terrifying event approaches (his birthday), Richard notices a steep decline in his own behaviour. Inexplicably he begins to behave more childishly - hanging out with 22-year-olds, developing an unhealthy addiction to Flumps and even getting into a ludicrous fight.

How Not to Grow Up is the hilarious story of how a self-confessed perpetual Big Kid deals with his greatest fear - getting older - and is the perfect book for everyone who, deep down, still thinks that they're 18...
On Holidays - Rich heads off to Thailand on holiday - alone - and reflects on getting older over a bottle of beer and a plate of chicken satay.

On Jobs - Richard has a meeting with his bank manager, and considers the merits of a career that allows you to wear scruffy trousers and make jokes about bottoms.

On Birthdays - Richard hits the big 4-0 and spends his birthday in the British Musuem, harassing waiters and lamenting his demise into old age.

On Fights - Richard needs to protect the honour of a young lady - well, someone he hopes to sleep with - and gets tossed about the streets of Liverpool by a softly spoken university lecturer.

On Health - Richard ponders his diet of fried chicken, sweets, and beer, and comes across a kindred spirit in a takeaway one night.

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