Press Release Draft 1

Richard Herring テや Someone Likes Yoghurt

Someone Likes Yoghurt is Richard Herringテや冱 20th Edinburgh Fringe show, and sees his long awaited return to stand-up after a 13 year hiatus.
In 1992 whilst gigging at a college in East London, jeered on by 300 drunk students, Herring somehow ended up with his trousers round his ankles. Humiliated, he vowed he would never do solo stand-up again. He was 24 and had nothing to say anyway.
In 2004, motivated by his last Edinburgh show The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace, to try things that he thought he couldnテや冲 do (including running the Marathon, parachute jumping and dating 50 women in 50 days), he decided he would face his fears and go back to comedic form that had chewed him up and spat him out all those years ago.
Despite some early shaky moments (his second gig was in Croatia to an audience who spoke only rudimentary English) things progressed well and he fell in love with his old enemy. Older, wiser and yet stupider, he found he had stuff to say that was worth listening to. Even if a disproportionate amount of it was about yoghurt. So far his trousers have remained on in every single gig, though there is time for that to change.
In an act that examines paranoia and the way we love to judge, but hate to be judged (maybe Jesus was on to something after all) Herring defends himself against the malicious yoghurt-based rumours that have been blighting his life, proposes a less sorrowful magpie reward system and applies for the job of Pope in the hope he can use his position to destroy all world religions.
From the prodigious brain that brought you: BBC2テや冱 Fist of Fun and This Morning With Richard Not Judy, Sky 1テや冱 Time Gentlemen Please starring Al Murray the Pub Landlord and stage shows including Talking Cock, Christ on a Bike, Ra-Ra-Rasputin and Excavating Rita.
Richard Herring has never won an award of any kind during the eighteen years he has worked as a comedian. He recently sold less than 40 tickets for a show in Devon. He is not doing as well as you probably imagine and yet he is really good. Please do all you can to right this injustice. You have the power to make him and thereテや冱 little you can do to break him now. He is already largely broken.
If you are a nerd, you can find out more about Richard Herring at his website and read the weblog that he has kept every single day for the last two and a half years, Warming Up.