Bit for the Times about Edinburgh

"Someone Likes Yoghurt" is my 20th Edinburgh show. I will be avoiding more traditional subjects like how stupid George Bush/Americans are and gags about Sudokus in favour of routines about why Rudyard Kipling is an idiot, how the magpie reward system might be improved, how many popular songs would be less popular if they were about having sex with monkeys and why the rumours about my unnatural interest in yoghurt are unfounded. Perhaps you would prefer George Bush gags, in which case go to a different show. Or just read this, "George Bush is stupid huh? Like all Americans!" There, saved yourself a tenner.
Edinburgh is the best arts festival in the world. I have spent over a year of my life there. I have fallen in love a couple of times, fallen in bed a few more, but more often that not cried myself to sleep alone. Unbeatable!
My favourite memory is walking home from the old Gilded Balloon at 3am and passing a patch of grass on which a couple were noisily and visibly making love. They saw me passing and both gave me a nice wave (conveniently they were both facing in the same direction). Most of the best performances on the Fringe are free.