Three Weeks Quick Quiz

Answering the ThreeWeeks Quick Quiz today... Richard Herring

QU1: What is your 2008 show all about?
It's about me looking back at my childhood to try and determine whether being the headmaster's son has had a detrimental effect on me as an adult and whether I can blame it for my psychological weaknesses. It's about nature versus nurture and is thus like Shakespeare but with more jokes about wanking. Or should that be better jokes about wanking?

QU2: Why should we come and see it?
You should come if you want to. Other comedy shows are available.

QU3: If your show was an Olympic sport, what would it be and why?
I talk about a potential world record breaking belch that I did in a minute's silence at school. Is burping an Olympic discipline? If so then it's that and I would definitely win gold for the UK

QU4: What are you most looking forward to about this year's Festival?
I am looking forward to doing the show. The previews have been going better than for any show I've ever done and I think this could be a really enjoyable year. That and having my annual cheese and mango chutney baked potato at the Tempting Tattie.

QU5: What are you least looking forward to about this year's Festival?
I haven't been drinking much this year and am dreading the hangovers that I might be experiencing. But I'm going to try to be good, so if you see me downing shots in a bar at any point, take the glass out of my hand and send me home.

QU6: What advice would you have for someone trying to navigate the Fringe?
Walk softly and carry a big umbrella.

QU7: What advice would you have for someone trying to survive the Fringe?
As long as you breathe oxygen, drink liquid and ingest some food you should get through it OK. Very few people have ever literally died here. Though the streets are haunted by the ghosts of terrible perfomances. And I have contributed to my fair share of those particular ghouls.

QU8: Describe your show in three words
The Headmaster's Son.

The Headmaster's Son, Underbelly, 31 Jul - 24 Aug (not 20), 7.30pm (8.30pm), prices vary, fpp91.