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Richard Herring - March News

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying Lent, unless you are from off of another religion and then I hope you are enjoying whatever rubbish it is that you believe in. It can't be as good as 40 days where you're not allowed to eat chocolate, followed by a day where you eat 40 days worth of chocolate all in one go. I am not trying to convert you to Christianity here, but think about it. Please.

Here is my March news.

MENAGE A UN - London run and then tour
I will be appearing in the massive Arts Theatre, 6/7 Great Newport Street, near Leicester Square from 27th-31st March and 3rd-7th April 2007 at 9pm
Box Office 0870 060 1742
Please book early. Even though there is no chance that it will sell out, it would be nice to know that I am not going to be alone. Be warned - I have sold up to 12 tickets a night already for this 300 seater theatre. So don't get complacent.

Extra dates have been added to the tour, including Inverness, Belfast, Madrid and Barcelona - seriously. You can see all the places I am going to and how to book tickets at
Many of these are already selling well, so really don't be complacent this time. I didn't mean it about the London gigs. You can be complacent as you like about those.

For the last month I have been acting in this show which I also wrote. It is being edited as we speak and it's all looking pretty good. It will probably be broadcast on 15th June at 9pm on ITV1, though if they decide to offer us a series, then it might be postponed til we've filmed them all (which will be some time away).

I am currently writing a second episode of my comedy drama for Channel 4 about a fledgling double act. I am meant to finish it by the end of the month. Some chance!

Thanks to all those of you who have already bought the DVD of this show from the good people at Go Faster Stripe! It's been selling well, so don't delay if you are thinking of buying it.
Visit to purchase this DVD or Stewart Lee's brilliant show.
"Someone Likes Yoghurt" will be available to buy within the next six weeks and I am recording "menage a un" in June.
Please do support this groundbreaking company as if we can make a success of these DVDs then more uncommercial but talented comedians can have their work for sale.

"That Was Then, This Is Now" and "Banter" have both been recommissioned for unprecedented (for me) third series. I am not sure when they will be recorded or broadcast, but will let you know how to get hold of tickets as soon as I know.
You can still hear me reviewing the week's news on the Andrew Collings Show on 6Music on Saturdays around about 5pm.

I am returning to Edinburgh for my 20th anniversary show, called "Oh F***, I'm 40!" I am back at the Underbelly at 8.30pm. I have just done the photoshoot, but as yet have no script or any further details. I hope you can make it along.

I slaveishly continue to crap out my daily Warming Up. You can read it here -
I also do a fortnightly blog for the New Statesman website,
Occasionally these are brand new and original entries, but more often that not are just old re-jigged Warming Ups. Don't tell anyone though.

Hope that's enough for you to be going on with. Please continue to support me and spread the word about my various enterprises, if you can be arsed.

Richard Herring
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