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July news from RK Herring

Happy Summer everyone - look at it. It's the summer.

Here's what I am up to in July and, to save ourselves the bother, August as well.

I will be appearing at the Underbelly in Edinburgh at 8.20pm in my new show "Oh F***, I'm 40" from August 2nd-26th (not 14th). You can book your ticket RIGHT NOW by visiting the website. My page is
It's already selling well, so don't leave it until the last minute.

In the meanwhilst if you are in the environs of London (or Whistable) then you can catch the preview version of the show. Remember that if you don't come and see it then you are essentially capitulating to Al Quaida. Check for details

3rd July Smirk
4th July Electric Mouse, Oxford Circus
6th July Spank
7th July Red Rose
8th July The Space
9th July Happy Mondays
10th July Falling Down With Laughter, London Bridge
11th July Ruislip
23rd July Fortnight Club
26th July Whitstable
27th July Wimbledon
28th July Wimbledon
29th July The Wam Bam Club

I will be appeaing at the Montreal Festival from the 16th-21st July. I don't have the exact details of the gigs yet, but if you're in town then do come and find me. I believe I am in the Best of British showcase.

We are still waiting to hear news on possible series of "You Can Choose Your Friends" and "Double Act", but keep an eye on my continuing blog Warming Up - and you will be amongst the first to hear the news. You can read various draft scripts of YCCYF in the downloads section of my website.

We will be recording new series of "That Was Then This Is Now" and "Banter" in the autumn. I will let you know detals of how to get tickets as soon as I know.

I have been nominated for Arena magazine's Best Comedy Award. I will not win, but am astounded to have been given the nod. Results are announced on Thursday.

Don't forget you can still buy DVDs of "Someone Likes Yoghurt" and "The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace" as well as merchandise from some chancer called Lee Stewarts or something at
menage a un will be available in a few months as well. Aren't you lucky?

Anyway that's all that is going on this month. I am certainly not turning 40 on the 12th and anyway who says I am is lying. How could I be? Look at me. I am about 21.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy the sunshine

Rich Herring x
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