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Richard Herring - Spring News

Hello everybody,
Here is all the spring based Richard Herring news (incorporating stuff both about the season and the coiled bouncy bits of metal).

Thanks to all those of you who came to see my latest tour and DVD record. There will be a few more fleeting opportunities to see this show before I turn 41. They are:
24th April Black Box, Belfast
3rd May Chipping Norton Theatre
10th May York
7th June Liverpool (not totally confirmed)
Or you can wait til the DVD comes out in around about six months time.

Here are my gigs for March and April which will be a combination of old bits, plus me trying to work up new material. Details for all gigs will (eventually) be up at and no doubt new gigs will be added in April.

28th Walton on Thames
29th Taunton
30th Wam Bam Club
1st Ginglik, Shepherd's Bush
2nd Streatham Waterfront
4th Kingston
16th Galway, Ireland
19th Laughter in Odd Places
19th Gypsy Hill
21st Kilburn
28th Fortnight club

April also sees the return of the popular Sunday night comedy club at the Lyric theatre.
20th April will see me introducing Jenny Eclair, Tom Basden and Francesca Martinez -
27th April I host Sean Hughes, Pappy's Fun Club and Wil Hodgson -
18th May - we have yet to confirm the headliner, but Justin Edwards and Tony Law are definitely on, which should be enough for anyone.
BOOK EARLY to ensure your seat.
Either book on line at
or call 0871 22 117 29
Tickets £15 or £10 if you sit in the Upper Circle.

I am doing a (now) weekly podcast with my old 6 Music colleague (he is not my friend) Andrew Collings. There are five in the bag already and we'll try to do them every Friday for the foreseeable future. You can listen to or download the ones we've done from here -
Or more excitingly you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and help our assault on the charts. So far our highest position has been 25th in the main chart and 16th in the comedy one, though our main aim is to get ahead and stay permanently ahead of the Nuts video podcast (don't look at it, you'll only help them!). So please subscribe if you enjoy our stupid rambling.

I am planning to do Edinburgh 2008 and am probably going to do two shows. A new one called "The Headmaster's Son" which will probably be on in the White Belly at the Underbelly again and then at weekends I am going to revive "Christ on a Bike", maybe in a slightly larger venue. We are already making plans to record both these shows for DVD in the autumn. I will let you know how to get hold of tickets for Edinburgh as soon as they are available.

I will shortly be starting work on the free programme for Edinburgh, all the proceeds of which will go to SCOPE as usual (you all helped to raise well over £10,000 this year, so thanks!). You will be able to donate money to get your name in this bumper programme (which will cover two shows this year), but if you think you might like to purchase advertising space for a company or product or maybe even another Edinburgh show, then please email me at and I will let you know the prices. Space is very limited as I don't want a programme full of just adverts, but as well as getting your advert into the hands of up to 10,000 comedy fans over the course of the year, all the money you spend will be going to charity. So it's a win/win situation. It's worth getting in touch, cos the space is going for a song, it really is and a quarter or half page ad might not cost you much at all.

If you want to catch up on the back catalogue of my one man shows you can buy "The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace", "Someone Likes Yoghurt" and "menage a un" from
"Oh F***, I'm 40" will be joining the ever-increasing roster of this fine organisation that already have brilliant Stewart Lee and Simon Munnery shows available and have also recorded shows by Robin Ince, Lucy Porter, John Hegley, Paul Sinha, Wil Hodgson and Tony Law. Any self respecting comedy fan should buy everything that this company puts out as they have excellent taste and should be encouraged in this superb enterprise of providing DVD releases for comedians who might never get them otherwise.

The third series of Banter is on Radio 4 at 6.30pm on (I think) Thursday evenings, starting on the 3rd April. It's the best series yet if the records were anything to go by, so do tune in or listen again or whatever you youngsters like to do these days.

I have just given in a pilot script for my Scrabble sit-com (provisionally entitled "Absolutely Scrabulous"), so hopefully there might be news on that next time. There is apparently still a chance that "You Can Choose Your Friends" might become a series, but as always, don't hold your breath.

Warming Up continues into it's sixth year at -
I also do a fortnightly blog on the New Statesman site, which occasionally (as with this week) contains different content to Warming Up -

If you're into social networking then I am on both Facebook and myspace (though getting bored with both of them)
You can be my friend on Facebook at
or join my fan page
(if those links don't work then just search for Richard Herring)
Myspace is

There is no spring news at the moment, but should there be any then you will be the first to know.

Hope that's enough to be going on with.
Say hi if you come to one of the gigs (you know, afterwards - not while I am on stage)
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