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Richard Herring - a couple of things - maybe three.

Hope you're having a good mid April. Just a couple of things (maybe three) to tell you about.

1) EDINBURGH PROGRAMME - As usual I am giving you the chance to get your name in my latest Edinburgh Fringe programme, receive a free limited edition of the programme and help raise money for SCOPE. All you have to do is visit and donate at least £12.50 and you will get all of this, plus the chance to win some cool spot prizes. The more you donate, the bigger your name will be in the programme and the person who donates the most will win the "How Much is Too Much" T shirt as worn in the "Oh F***, I'm 40" show. Please remember to email me your postal address to once you have donated. Last year's programme raise over £10,000 for SCOPE. Be nice to do even better this year. And if you have something to promote then there is also advertising space available. E mail me for rates.

2) OLD EDINBURGH POSTERS - You can now buy original posters from three of my previous shows "The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace", "Talking C*ck" and "Someone Likes Yoghurt" at
These are £5 each or all three for £10 (including delivery in a nice cardboard tube). While you're there why not pick up my three DVDs if you haven't got them already!

3) LYRIC COMEDY NIGHTS - the line ups for all three Lyric, Hammersmith shows are now all sorted out and the first one is on Sunday. I am delighted to say that Russell Howard will be headlining on the 18th May. He rocks. You can see all details at
Book now.

There are your, as it turns out, three things. And while I think about it here is a bonus number 4

4) There's a funny video of me having to deal with a heckler on youtube. You can see it here and there's a slightly longer version at

I am going now before I think of something else

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