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Richard Herring - June news

Hello everyone
There's lots going on, so let's get straight down to it.

My show "The Headmaster's Son" is on at the White Belly at the Underbelly at 7.30pm from 31st July - 24th August (not 20th)
You can book tickets at
Or by phone 0844 545 8252
10am to 6pm (Mon-Fri)
The edfringe website is currently not working, but should be at some point this week -
Please book early to avoid disappointment, especially for the weekend gigs.

I am previewing extensively. Please be aware that the show is still being written and that the earlier of these gigs will involve me floundering around and reading stuff off bits of paper. Some people enjoy that more than the finished article, but if you don't want to see a preview-quality show then wait til Edinburgh or my subsequent tour. Details of these gigs can be found at (or will be up there as soon as I have them)

12th Up the Arts, Arts Theatre London
13th New Wimbledon Theatre
18th Betsey Trotswood
21st Kendall
22nd Just The Tonic Nottingham
24th Fat Tuesday, Angel
25th Southwark
26th Wivenhoe Funny Farm
27th Bush Hall - very few tickets left - me MCing Stewart Lee, Josie Long and Tom Basden
28th Just the Tonic, London
29th Clapham
30th Electric Mouse
1st Manchester - XS Mallarkey
2nd Manchester- Frog and Bucket
3rd Museum of London (FREE GIG)
6th Southwark
9th Newbury
10th Wedmore SOLD OUT
11th Brighton
12th Oxford
13th Leicester
15th Arts Theatre, London
16th Bristol
17th West Ruislip
19th Roundhouse
20th Roundhouse
21st New Cross and Forest Hill
22nd Arts Theatre
23rd Hackney
24th Riverside
25th Croydon
26th Live Theatre Newcastle

As mentioned in last newsletter - There are only 70 tickets left for the November gig and the others are selling well, so please book NOW to ensure a ticket.

Stewart Lee will be roadtesting different material every month for his forthcoming BBC show "Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle".

The gigs are all hosted by me, plus:

Sun 21st September - Robert Newman, Stewart Lee and Dan Antopolski.

Sun 26 October (NB NOT 28th as last newsletter stated) - SPECIAL SURPRISE HEADLINER WHO WE CAN'T NAME YET, BUT WHO IS BRILLIANT, Stewart Lee, Ivan Brackenbury and Wilson Dixon

Sun 16 November - TMWRNJ Reunion Special - Many of the cast of the cult BBC 2 show get together for the first time on stage for almost 10 years. Please be aware that most of these people will be doing their current acts rather than material or characters from the show - including Stewart Lee, Richard Thomas, Paul Putner, Emma Kennedy and Trevor Lock. Hopefully Kevin Eldon will also show up, though he hasn't got back to me yet. The evening will be headlined by a short 10 minute set from defunct double act LEE AND HERRING.

Tickets are £15 per gig or £10 per gig if you sit in the Upper Circle - or buy tickets for all three gigs and get the best seats for just £30 total (3 for 2). Please ring the Lyric on 0871 22 117 29 and quote "Moon on a Stick" to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

The ginger beer obsessed Collings and Herrin podcast continues weekly at

You can still buy my DVDs and Posters at
"Oh F***, I'm 40!" is still in production and will feature and impressive whole disc of extras. It should be available in September of thereabouts. GFS will also be publishing the first six months of Warming Up in book form at some point (not too) soonish. More info to follow.

On Monday this week I did a reading of my new Scrabble based sit-com "Absolutely Scrabulous" for BBC executives. Will let you know what the response was in the next newsletter!

That's your lot for now. Hope to see you at one or more of those many gigs!

Rich Herring
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