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Happy New Year from Richard Keith Herring

Hi everyone
Blimey where did that decade go?

Happy New Year
HereÂ’s what is going on with me in 2010

Here are all the tour dates in so far. Apologies if I am not coming near to you. It's not my choice. The people you need to talk to are at your local theatre. Still trying to sort out some dates – Liverpool in May looks likely! A couple of dates have been added since the last mailout.
See for full details. Contact theatres for tickets. If they are not for sale yet then I can't help you with that. I know Glasgow haven't got me on their site yet. Will look into it. Tickets already selling well in many venues so book ahead.

16th Whitstable
29th Folkestone
30th Nottingham
31st York
2nd - 13th Leicester Square Theatre, London
14th Warwick Arts Centre
17th Luton
18th Bath
19th Peterborough
20th Windsor
21st Bristol
22nd Hereford
23rd Rhyl
24th Birmingham
25th Leamington Spa
26th Stamford Arts
27th Hastings
1st Harrogate
3rd Gwent
4th Cardiff
5th Reading
6th Andover
7th Manchester
8th Sutton Coldfield
9th Cheltenham
10th Lincoln
11th Sheffield
12th Berwick upon Tweed
13th Glasgow
14th Edinburgh
15th Perth
16th Chorley
17th Kendal
18th Aldershot
19th Fareham
20th Wolverhampton
24th Brighton
25th Colchester
26th Cambridge
27th Southsea
28th Exeter
29th Cheddar
31st Taunton
1st Penzance
3rd Norwich
5th/6th Leeds
10th Bridport
17th Whitby
18th Darlington
22nd Stockton on Tees

The first season of my podcast stand up and sketch show seems to have gone down well and we will be doing 8 more in May-July.
The first six will be at the Leicester Square Theatre from May 17th- June 24th (contact theatre to see if tickets are available yet – nothing on the website)
And then the final two will be at the Bloomsbury theatre on 28th June and 5th July. At these gigs as well as getting to see the podcast I will also be doing a preview of my 2010 Edinburgh show (which is likely to be a reworking of the 2001 show “Christ on a Bike”) You can already book tickets for those at - and bear in mind that the end of series show seems to be the most popular one to see.
As always the shows (though not the Edinburgh preview obviously) will be available to download for free on iTunes or at the British Comedy Guide, but audience itÂ’s a whole lot more fun if you can make the live gigs and youÂ’ll also be helping to fund the show.

The Podcast has also been nominated for a Loaded Lafta. If you get the inclination you can vote for me here -

There are a couple more live dates coming up. As always buying tickets for these makes us more likely to carry on doing all the free ones, so come if you can. The podcasts will be downloadable for free as usual.

Thursday 21st January 2010 - St David's Hall, Cardiff. Another full evening with stand up and a podcast. This is selling well, but there is not much publicity for it so please let all your Welsh friends know! It costs quite a lot to hire the room. Get your tickets here -

Monday 1st February 2010 - 100th Podcast LIVE at the Leicester Square Theatre, London. This one is nearly sold out already, so if you want to come then book NOW. Just a podcast this time, but what a podcast it will be! -

Mainly just for fun these, but lots of Collings and Herrin designs courtesy of Steve Brown and Stephen Newman at this site -;jsessionid=1e6jdjtejf4n5
There are now also some AIOTM ones here -

All DVDs and books and posters are available as usual at
The HeadmasterÂ’s Son should be out by the end of January, and there is now also a DVD of the Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People gigs from 2008.

My new book “How Not To Grow Up” will be out in May.
You can check out the cover and pre-order it here -

It looks likely that I shall be back. As I've said above I will probably be doing "Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming" and another run of the Collings and Herrin podcast looks likely. If I get time and inspiration I also want to write a new play. And we might even slot in an "As It Occurs To Me" - you never know!

So that takes me through to September. Hope to see you at one of the gigs before then!

Have a brilliant 2010 everyone.
Richard Keith Herring
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