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Richard Herring January two thousand o ten

Hello everyone
It's 2010 and I've got plenty of stuff to keep you entertained until at least September.

The tour is about to start in earnest and is pretty likely to be coming close to you. Early sales have been very good, so please book ahead, especially if you are hoping to see the show in London on the Fridays and Saturdays. There is now a Liverpool date but don't have details as yet, but other phone numbers and websites can be found here -
29th Folkestone
30th Nottingham
31st York - extra afternoon show added
2nd - 13th Leicester Square Theatre, London
14th Warwick Arts Centre SOLD OUT
17th Luton
18th Bath
19th Peterborough
20th Windsor
21st Bristol - extra afternoon show added
22nd Hereford
23rd Rhyl
24th Birmingham - nearly sold out
25th Leamington Spa
26th Stamford Arts
27th Hastings
1st Harrogate
3rd Gwent
4th Cardiff - nearly sold out
5th Reading - nearly sold out
6th Andover
7th Manchester - nearly sold out
8th Sutton Coldfield
9th Cheltenham
10th Lincoln
11th Sheffield
12th Berwick upon Tweed
13th Glasgow
14th Edinburgh - nearly sold out
15th Perth - nearly sold out
16th Chorley
17th Kendal
18th Aldershot
19th Fareham
20th Wolverhampton - nearly sold out
24th Brighton
25th Colchester
26th Cambridge
27th Southsea
28th Exeter
29th Cheddar
31st Taunton
1st Penzance
2nd Probable DVD record - Cardiff
3rd Norwich - nearly sold out
5th/6th Leeds
10th Bridport
17th Whitby
18th Darlington
22nd Stockton on Tees
12th Liverpool

There is now a Collings and Herrin website at
Thanks very much to those of you who came to see us in Cardiff. We had a fine time. We also recorded 4 exclusive podcasts which will be available to buy as MP3s on CD hopefully in the next month exclusively from
We are doing a live gig at the Leicester Square Theatre on 1st February. All the seats have sold out, but 20 standing tickets have been released, so if you're quick you might see it. It's a full show with stand up, secret dancing, the podcast and a Q and A and plus we'll be in the bar afterwards to celebrate our 100th podcast. Come along! It'll be a party.

In other exciting news Collins and Herring (our more sensible counterparts) are sitting in for Adam and Joe on 6Music at 10am for the next 5 Saturdays and it looks like we'll also be getting a podcast! for details.

You can buy Collings and Herrin T shirts here -;jsessionid=qhybge9hzm8v

The Headmaster's Son DVD is being printed up as we speak and should be released in the next fortnight. I will send out another email when it's ready, but along with all my other produce it will be available from

A second season of AIOTM (AIOTM) will be starting up in May.
The first six will be at the Leicester Square Theatre from May 17th- June 24th BOOK NOW at

And then the final two will be at the Bloomsbury theatre on 28th June and 5th July. At these gigs as well as getting to see the podcast I will also be doing a preview of my 2010 Edinburgh show (which is likely to be a reworking of the 2001 show "Christ on a Bike") You can already book tickets for those at - and bear in mind that the end of series show seems to be the most popular one to see.
As always the shows (though not the Edinburgh preview obviously) will be available to download for free on iTunes or at the British Comedy Guide, but audience it's a whole lot more fun if you can make the live gigs and you'll also be helping to fund the show.

You can buy AIOTM T shirts here -

The Lyric comedy nights are continuing monthly until June. You can see details of line-ups and book tickets here -
On February 28th I will be introducing Issy Suttie (Dobby from Peep Show) and Sarah Millican and at least one other big name comedian. These shows are tremendous fun. Hope you can make it.

My new book comes out on May 6th, but you can preorder now from Waterstones here - - and get the chance to win the skateboard I used in "Oh Fuck I'm 40" as well as getting £4 off the cover price. Just add the code DK4253 at the check-out.

I am planning to return to the Fringe. We will be doing ten Collings and Herrin live podcasts and I am probably going to be reprising my 2001 show "Christ on a Bike" but with some new bits in it. If I have time - and it doesn't look likely does it? - I am also hoping to write a play, possibly about Felix Yusupov, one of Rasputin's assassins, called "I Killed Rasputin." It'll be a little more serious and historically accurate than "Ra-Ra-Rasputin". And who knows we might even manage a one off "AIOTM".

I have made myself feel a bit giddy. Hope at least one of these enterprises is of interest to you and thanks again for all the support that you have been giving me.

All the best
R K Herring
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